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"A Future to look forward to"

As we come to a close for this month & year of 2013 what type of memories does it hold for you? Do you have more low moments than high ones? Or were you faced with challenges that helped you to grow into becoming a better person?

Whatever your answer will be regarding the above, I want you to take something away from it all. Every setback, every obstacle, every pain, lost of even feared actions at times, does not defeat you, if you learn to see them for what they are and walk forward in victory of conquering it.
You are never knocked down if you keep getting up and trying again.

As I reflected on this year, whilst writing in my journal I realised that at first I mentioned having more low times in my life & families life than highs this year, but as I continued to write God showed me how much I actually was blessed with this year, for example: my little niece was born, I was confirmed & rededicated my life to Christ, BFM had its first ever Christmas dinner, we took on the Brea…

"What have you got?"

Have you ever wondered what it will be like to have what someone else has, especially when you have been wanting & waiting for that thing or outcome in such a long time?

What do I mean?

Well, take for instance a position at your work place. A marriage you see others looking so happily down the street with. A boyfriend to support & care for you. Longer hair, Shorter hair, a car and the list goes on.
So lets clear one thing up. Wanting all the above and more is NOT a sin neither is it a bad thing. But wanting each one of the above with the wrong attitude such as (Jealously, hatred, selfishness, lost, lust, unforgiveness, brokenness etc) is the issue.

Sometimes all it takes, is for us to look at what we already have, be grateful whilst living and hoping in great expectation in the mindset that God has great and amazing things in store for us. However we tend to hinder these great blessings from coming our way, when we, yes WE become too impatient & want what others have.

So my que…

I am not perfect, but thank God He is.


"BFM Book Review: Pink Lips & Empty Hearts by Heather Lindsey"

Right, where do I start.....
I decided to have this book as my November 2013 read of the month. Since I purchased the book from the London, UK, Be Women conference last month which had Heather Lindsey as a guest speaker.

This review will be a general overview of what I learnt from this book and why I recommend this as part of your reading & growing material.

So lets begin:
How does this book make me feel? REFRESHED!
Did it challenge me? YES!
Do I feel less pressured to survive in this world? YES, because I know I am no longer alone!
Does it draw me closer in a relationship with God or further away? Closer, as my ambitions are to be selfless and want the heart of Christ rather than fame and fortune in the wrong mindset. To be able to see my precious worth of integrity and purity through Christ.

The Book:
From Chapters 1 straight through to Chapter 14, Heather Lindsey (HL) speaks integrity. She shows she has nothing to hide, especially if it can help others be a better person, check their li…

I am not going to complain!

Philippians 2:14 'Do all things without complaining or arguing...'
Isn't it funny how we can step out of bed, and instantly complain before our day even begins. Or are you the one that has an amazing day indoors, but until you step outdoors, walk into your work building, prepare lunch, dinner etc you open your mouth and then the complaining begins?

I think we canall agree with the fact that we shouldn't be complaining amount many things that we tend to complain about these days.

See if any of these complaints sound familiar to you:  
If it is not about the weather, we complain about our look, if its not about our look for the day,week, month, it will be about someone chewing so loud on the train, bus or in the canteen, if its not our kids running around or constantly asking questions, its our mums or little sisters/brothers calling us to take them somewhere or pick them up.

How many of these complaints rang a bell in your world?

Life example

Yesterday I was on the bus head…

''Mistakes has no hold on me''

MISTAKES: We all make them, small or big.

We can beat ourselves up about them and dig a hole deep enough to hide ourselves in or we can choose to not let it get the best of us, defeat it all and make room for improvement by owning up to the mistakes and creating a solution, through apologies, taking up responsibilities in the area you may have slacked this and most of all having peace of mind.

You see the thing is, the enemy only wants to steal (The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.... John 10:10) your peace and make you think that what you have done is so unforgivable, he wants you walking around with your head down, like no one wants to care for you, let alone be around you. But the reality is, there are genuine people who really want to see you grow, improve and develop into the beautiful person that you ought/are to be.

Mistakes can rein our interior as well as our exterior. How? Interior - By damaging our moods, our attitude towards life and others, by completely feeli…

"Waiting is not wasteful time"

Waiting on a bus, train, taxi, in the line for food, movies, fiancée, money etc can always seem like a test of our patience. We strive to keep it all together, but the truth remains, we want then all INSTANTLY!
So I ask, What is with the INSTANT factor in each of our lives? Why does it seem like we would prefer the microwave process instead of the oven cooked way, especially knowing at the back of our mind that the oven cooked process produces a better outcome?
You may have gathered that I am not talking about making food above, but metaphorically speaking its a way of showing us how at times we can view things in life from situation to situations.
Take for example this scenario: Your waiting on a new car, you feel that you can't take the bus, train, let alone walk to where you are going any more. You weigh up all the options as to why having a car right now is the best solution for you, but you miss all the important things throughout the waiting period: Better deals, new sights you …