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I know who I am

For some of you reading this, you may look at the title of this blog and say that's the most simplest, dumbest thing to say Faith. Of course you should know who you are, right? Wrong! To me those four words are the most precious, heartfelt, revelation, inspiring, encouraging words I could ever say to myself and hear others say about themselves too. For many of years I had battled with trying to find out what my identity was. I knew all the facts and figures: born into an African family, one of the two girls, three brothers, mum and dad and the list goes on, obvious FACTS. But the truth was that in the mist of all this I still didn't really know who I was and from that I somewhat was easily able to be swayed into trying others identity through the way they talked, dressed or behaved and only to see if it was something I was into or wanted to adapt to, to say, yes, finally I have arrived, 'this is me'. But I was not alone. There where other ladies who felt the sam

True Friendships

So I normally like to start my blogs with a question, well at least sometimes I do. So here is today's one: Do your friends add value to your life or do they drain you of all your energy, self worth, and most of all peace of mind? Yesterday as I was getting ready for work, 1) I realised that I hadn't written a blog in such a long time, but 2) I actually had a real sense of appreciation for the genuine friends that I do have. You see the thing is this; How does one really define having 'real and genuine' friends especially if everyone per say places this title on you, but to others you are just an associate? For me growing up, I didn't have a huge amount of friends, why? Because I just didn't and in some ways I am truly grateful. Yes, I admit, there has been times when I have admire people with stories of having friends for years and growing up with them since primary school (elementary school) and so forth. But the ones I am happy to call friends ar

Beauty Speaks louder than words

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