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Breast Cancer Awareness: A Month of Hope

‘ Miss You Already’ is a heart-wrenching story about the friendship of two women, Milly (played by actress Toni Collette) and Jess (played by actress Drew Barrymore). This film is based on the two main characters showing their original bond of two young, playful children later experiencing the adventures of adulthood together. Just like ‘besties’ they rode the waves of life hand in hand through all its highs and lows. So what has this to do with Breast Cancer Care? For those of you who are familiar with this film you will know that as the film unfolds, Milly is given some disappointing, painful news; she is diagnosed with cancer whilst Jess continues her battle with fertility. What was once one world in the wonderful playful life of children has now become two worlds colliding, both setting their own endings as adults. A tale of hope, love and light-hearted humour makes way for us to identity with the growing reality of breast cancer and its un-foreseeable impact