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"A Future to look forward to"

As we come to a close for this month & year of 2013 what type of memories does it hold for you? Do you have more low moments than high ones? Or were you faced with challenges that helped you to grow into becoming a better person? Whatever your answer will be regarding the above, I want you to take something away from it all. Every setback, every obstacle, every pain, lost of even feared actions at times, does not defeat you, if you learn to see them for what they are and walk forward in victory of conquering it. You are never knocked down if you keep getting up and trying again. As I reflected on this year, whilst writing in my journal I realised that at first I mentioned having more low times in my life & families life than highs this year, but as I continued to write God showed me how much I actually was blessed with this year, for example: my little niece was born, I was confirmed & rededicated my life to Christ, BFM had its first ever Christmas dinner, we took o

"What have you got?"

Have you ever wondered what it will be like to have what someone else has, especially when you have been wanting & waiting for that thing or outcome in such a long time? What do I mean? Well, take for instance a position at your work place. A marriage you see others looking so happily down the street with. A boyfriend to support & care for you. Longer hair, Shorter hair, a car and the list goes on. So lets clear one thing up. Wanting all the above and more is NOT a sin neither is it a bad thing. But wanting each one of the above with the wrong attitude such as (Jealously, hatred, selfishness, lost, lust,  unforgiveness, brokenness etc) is the issue. Sometimes all it takes, is for us to look at what we already have, be grateful whilst living and hoping in great expectation in the mindset that God has great and amazing things in store for us. However we tend to hinder these great blessings from coming our way, when we, yes WE become too impatient & want what other