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'Pushed back against the Wall'

The Storm is OVER, Can I enjoy my life now please? I bet many of you would love to be saying this right about now. But for some of you the reality is this: There comes a time in life when it seems like your back is pushed against the wall, you throw your hands up and say: ok, ok, enough now, no more . Everything has just been thrown at you and you think, please Lord, no more, I can't take it . It almost makes you feel like you are in a circus, assigned a new role: Lady Juggler - As each problem arises you try and deal with each one as much as you can, but then a next ball of problems or issue surfaces, if its not your job, its about your finances, if its not about your finances, its then about your relationships, family issues, health and so forth. To top it all off, someone throws you another ball of their own problems, to only confuse your flow of somewhat trying to endure your own pain. At this point you acknowledge you not only don't have the strengt


I know I haven't written a blog for a while, but there has been many things going on at the same time starting from: work, family, friends and just good old life related. But as we all know, time waits for no man, so we got to tackle whatever we got to face and keep on going: So here's today's blog: STOP! What is the first thing that comes to mind when this word is said? To me the word  STOP  can be explained  differently  based on any situation we come across. The Thesaurus defines the word STOP as: Termination, Conclusion, End, Finish. For the above definitions I would like to look at the word STOP in the aspect of: Loneliness, Addictions, Excuses, Pity Parties and Singleness. See the thing is; in all the actions we take in life to compensate for being in a relationship, feeling stronger, bolder or even just confident and fearless can become an obstacle to moving forward. Therefore as funny as it may sound, I believe the word  STOP  needs to be introduced.