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Vision Begets Careers

Careers are a big part of our lives. We spend a majority of our time on Earth working in our professions, whether temporary or permanent. Regardless of whom we are and what we do, we should all have one common denominator when it comes to our careers… vision . Vision is important because we must have direction in life. We can get by on the ‘go with the flow’ mindset for some time, but at some point we find that this theory will crash and burn, as there’s no clear route. There are many stages in life that prepare us for progression, and careers are one of them. In order to progress it means that we must become better at something. We must take time out from our busy schedules in order to master or strongly craft a particular area.   The route for most of us is to start off in education, where we acquire the theoretical knowledge. This then moves to a more practical, real time experience route such as work experience etc to further fine tune and acquire new skills. B