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"Tell me: What's your label?"

W.C. Fields states " It isn't what they call you, it's what you answer to " How many of us dislike the label people give us? It could be in a form of a nick name, an embarrassing moment or even just a mistake. It almost seems like the label aka name is stuck with you for the rest of your life, or is that really the case? According to W.C. Fields above quote, he is saying that even though people may label us whatever they choose too, we don't actually have to claim it. Its when we do claim these labels, it then becomes apart of us. Other labels which you might be familiar with are: Worthless, spoilt  unforgiven, dirty, disowned, failure, stupid, ugly or even one that was said to me before: Weak or emotional. These labels can either make us, damage us (self esteem & thoughts) or even break us. The question is, which one are you going to claim and which one are you going to ignore?  Better yet, is it fair to say that we should disregard all c

"Dear to LOVE again"

LOVE , oh dear not that subject again..... Come on, lets be honest, who's thinking this? The thing is,  it's February meaning Valentines Day fever, soooooooo, no matter how much you may try to run away from this word or topic, you really can't. If the stores don't keep reminding you, then when you walk down the street each couple will do so, as they hold each others hands or give each other a long meaningful hug. Ha ha ha, how crazy can love be? Come on, it's not that bad, really, or is it? Some of you like myself have been scared by this four letter word, whether it was invested into someone through a relationship, family member or just a friendship, that completely didn't work out as you hoped it to be. But I'm here to suggest that you learn to forgive and LOVE again. It's not over until you allow yourself to block out all the care, hope & love others genuinely try to show you. Don't end up feeling lonely like no-on