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''Mistakes has no hold on me''

MISTAKES : We all make them, small or big. We can beat ourselves up about them and dig a hole deep enough to hide ourselves in or we can choose to not let it get the best of us, defeat it all and make room for improvement by owning up to the mistak es and creating a solution, through apologies, taking up responsibilities in the area you may have slacked this and most of all having peace of mind. You see the thing is, the enemy only wants to steal ( The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.... John 10:10 ) your peace and make you think that what you have done is so unforgivable, he wants you walking around with your head down, like no one wants to care for you, let alone be around you. But the reality is, there are genuine people who really want to see you grow, improve and develop into the beautiful person that you ought/are to be. Mistakes can rein our interior as well as our exterior. How? Interior - By damaging our moods, our attitude towards life and others, by co

"Waiting is not wasteful time"

Waiting on a bus, train, taxi, in the line for food, movies, fiancée, money etc can always seem like a test of our patience. We strive to keep it all together, but the truth remains, we want then all INSTANTLY! So I ask, What is with the INSTANT factor in each of our lives? Why does it seem like we would prefer the microwave process instead of the oven cooked way, especially knowing at the back of our mind that the oven cooked process produces a better outcome? You may have gathered that I am not talking about making food above, but metaphorically speaking its a way of showing us how at times we can view things in life from situation to situations. Take for example this scenario: Your waiting on a new car, you feel that you can't take the bus, train, let alone walk to where you are going any more. You weigh up all the options as to why having a car right now is the best solution for you, but you miss all the important things throughout the waiting period: Better

You have so much more to live for!

Not feeling accepted by anyone let alone your own family can be one of the reasons why you feel you have nothing left to live for. Your bank statements are always getting high, and you just don't know how to cope any more. Before you know it, your swimming in debt. You cry out for help, but you feel no-one is there, the stress and pressures of life closes in on you, it grows and grows some more to the point where you feel like the best way to end it all is to take your own life, that's it! all debts are gone, no more worry, no more stress and no more pain. Is this true? Is this the way out of a stressful life? NO! There's hope. God promises us that He has come to give us LIFE to the fullest. So let me explain how this all comes together: When reading my introduction, you might have felt depressed or even could relate to a few things I had said. The heart of this blog came from the announcements I tend to frequently hear at the train (metro) station coming into