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Life, at times, can be a complicated game of chess. You can sometimes feel like a pawn being darted to and throw amongst intricate pathways on a board, each box representing a situation or circumstance. Looking at the game chess we can see is a strategic game. Anyone who plays it must think before they act. Strategically they must consider where to move each piece on the board in order to win the game. They must plan, each stage. Every move they make is a step closer to winning or losing. Like a chess player, we also need to take this above approach in life. This doesn’t mean that we need to have a rigid routine of which no free flow or change can be made, but we must think ahead and out of the box before making a move or decision. The Oxford Dictionary defines a decision as; ‘ a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration.’ When we come to a conclusion it means that we have come to an end of something, that something has been determined; set. This suggests t