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New Beginnings

As with the end of every day, month, chapter and season in life, there comes a new one – and now we are celebrating another New Year. As we passed from 2016 to 2017, we look back on the year with either a smile or a frown and look ahead to the New Year with anticipation and ambiguity.   What will the new year bring? Will it be better than last year? When we step into the New Year, we have crossed a landmark; it’s another phase, another level. See it like entering a new house, or starting on a fresh blank page. I love watching ‘Extreme makeover’ and watching these amazing designers and builders transform an old battered house into an amazing home within 7 days. That’s evidence of a change taking place. What do you want to see in this New Year? What do you need to throw out from 2016 that you don’t want resurfacing in 2017? If you don’t like what you see? Change it. If we use the Bible as a reference of new beginnings let’s look at Genesis 1:1. The beginning of life, earth