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One of those long blogs: My Live below the line Challenge/Experience

(Challenged undertaken on the 5.5.14) I was always told about this challenge and at some point to be honest I didn't want to join in. Why? I don't know, maybe it was the fear of not being able to complete the challenge. But this time around, this awesome guy by the name of Caleb Meakins and his Amazing Team introduced this challenge again through their Facebook page called:  SHIFT . This time my perspective was different. What had changed? My attitude. It was no longer a fear of not being able to complete the challenege, but more about actively making a difference in the world we live in each day. I had always wanted to do an outreached/mission trip to Africa and places classfied as poverty striken but never really had the finances to go. So to do 'Live below the Line (LBTL): Tear Fund' this to me was my active way of helping. Incase you didn't know anything about this LBTL movement, check out this video below: