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Scars: By Rachel Obozua

Everyone has had scars. A time back when you were little you fell over and hurt yourself days down the line the wound healed but left a scar. It was always the deeper more serious wounds that stayed for years, even though the event was when you were weeny you still look back on that scar and the memories haven't left the feeling of the pain and how it happened. Sometimes the memories behind those scars even bring us shame and hurt today. Childhood scars are not all that serious when we know it was caused by riding our bikes to fast, scrapping our legs on the pavements etc, we get over them soon enough and tell of our careless fall and even laugh at the memories even though at the time we cried. However, as we continue in life some scars are more serious than others. Some scars we would rather hide than it bring back memories of the pain of a traumatic experience, one we don't want to remember or share. These scars were perhaps made through abuse bullying or the phys