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Did you know?

That you are precious and one of a kind? Have you realised that you might at times not fit in everywhere you go?  But instead of looking at that as a fault or yourself as an outcast, Do you ever stop to think that its okay to be different? Why are we so obsessed with trying to fit in with the norm that we would rather abandon our uniqueness and settle for a carbon copy of another's self? Did you know that you are cared and loved for unconditionally by God, crazy right? But it just doesn't stop there because it is a fact! No matter what mistakes we make, No matter what wrong thoughts we might develop or even bad decisions we might make, did you know that above all of this He is still willing to ACCEPT us for who we are, knowing that this has been or is apart of us? God knows that we are not perfect but He is and He is the only one that can help us to be the best person we can ever be. I truly believe it should be our daily duty to stay true to ourselves . So what does

"What is going on, on your insides?"

Isn't it funny how we can be so concerned about our outside appearance that we choose to forget about what's taking place on our insides? We wear the amazing shimmer or matte lipsticks, we see the beauty in the black or brown mascara which makes our eyes pop to become engaging. Our nails, done and painted, the perfume we wear captures each persons senses as they walk pass you. Each clothing item compliments the other and most of all your hair says it all. Beauty has spoken from the outside. But what is it saying on your inside? To the person across the street, you are confident, to the lady sitting next to you, she feels you are glamorous, to the guy living next door, you become sexy and to the child heading to school you become a role model. But to yourself you know your hiding behind a mask. Your broken, your heart has been thorn from left to right from family issues, bad relationships or just self condemnation. You know your just crying out for someone to rea