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"Try Alpha - A stroll in my world"

Some of you may have come across this above iconic symbol and wondered what it is all about. As you stood or walked down the escalators at the train station, it smiled at you. As you sat on the train it looked at you wanting your attention. As you paid for your groceries it waved a simple hello at you as it sat on the counter. But for others you may not have seen it before. So what is this iconic symbol and why would it be posted or advertised everywhere ? This picture above somewhat explains it well part of it. I guess you can say, it all starts with that one question. Many of us go through life with questions. Sometimes these questions are answered whilst other times they are not. Growing up in a Christian family being told I had to go to Church/Sunday School and abide by certain rules and traditions especially living under my parents roof was very tricky for me. Some will say it must have been an easy life experience whereas I would say it had its