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Come as you Are

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"Which status are you: 'Wife or 'Desperate Wife'?"

I think it is fair to say that each lady is either in or has been in both these categories, if not still in either one today. So let me explain what I mean by the two status: 'Wife' and 'Desperate Wife'. The 'Wife' (W) status : She is a lady that already has the mindset of a wife, she is not married as of yet, but is prepared to be. Everything is in order and she really knows how to take care of others, whilst not forgetting about pampering and taking care of herself.  She graces each day with a better perspective of knowing and believing each day is a going to be good and God's plans for her life is the best to come. She has PATIENCE and is content with where she is and where she is heading. Then you have the 'Desperate Wife' (DW) status:  No she is nowhere near the stereotypical TV sitcom 'Desperate Housewife'  but she is also a lady too, however the word 'desperate' says it all. Any man that shows her any attention s