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When God When: Facing your storms & Seeing your Joy!

There are many times in life when we go through things. Some of these times feel worse off than others. We cry & at times let anger build up due to the disappointments, delays & defeats. But I truly believe that the time for overcoming, rejoicing, smiling again will be knocking at our doors very soon, if not today. Having the RIGHT attitude to endure, with the strength of God & the power to overcome makes everything you go through feel a little bit worth it. I do believe that everything happens for a reason, the explainable and unexplainable, especially when at times some reasons seem clouded. 'Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy' . Psalm 126:5 The verse above kept coming in remembrance to me a couple of times throughout November 2014. I felt it was God trying to reassure me that despite what we go through He is ever so present to be our Strength to carry on, our Defender when accused & our Helper when in need. To reass

"Try Alpha - A stroll in my world"

Some of you may have come across this above iconic symbol and wondered what it is all about. As you stood or walked down the escalators at the train station, it smiled at you. As you sat on the train it looked at you wanting your attention. As you paid for your groceries it waved a simple hello at you as it sat on the counter. But for others you may not have seen it before. So what is this iconic symbol and why would it be posted or advertised everywhere ? This picture above somewhat explains it well part of it. I guess you can say, it all starts with that one question. Many of us go through life with questions. Sometimes these questions are answered whilst other times they are not. Growing up in a Christian family being told I had to go to Church/Sunday School and abide by certain rules and traditions especially living under my parents roof was very tricky for me. Some will say it must have been an easy life experience whereas I would say it had its

Guest Blog by: Tyson Douglas - "Ballerina"

When living in what you would call an exposed world with the attitude of 'What you see is what you get' , you forget how lost one can be in the mist of it all, expectations seem to run wild both internally and externally.  However, when we do take time to consider what others have and are truly going through, we realise that 'there is more to life than meets the eye' . This month we have a special guest blog contribution brought to you by  Tyson Douglas , a   British television, theatre and film actor born in London , who challenges the above notion and allows you to think into each word he writes through the powerful, but simple examples of a Ballerina and a Chef. Have a read: Love not just the Ballerina, but also her feet. This, along with a series of more graphic related images got me thinking; about how beautiful each of us are, but also how delicate we are too. How on the inside there are marks left from what we've endured throughout li

One of those long blogs: My Live below the line Challenge/Experience

(Challenged undertaken on the 5.5.14) I was always told about this challenge and at some point to be honest I didn't want to join in. Why? I don't know, maybe it was the fear of not being able to complete the challenge. But this time around, this awesome guy by the name of Caleb Meakins and his Amazing Team introduced this challenge again through their Facebook page called:  SHIFT . This time my perspective was different. What had changed? My attitude. It was no longer a fear of not being able to complete the challenege, but more about actively making a difference in the world we live in each day. I had always wanted to do an outreached/mission trip to Africa and places classfied as poverty striken but never really had the finances to go. So to do 'Live below the Line (LBTL): Tear Fund' this to me was my active way of helping. Incase you didn't know anything about this LBTL movement, check out this video below:

I know who I am

For some of you reading this, you may look at the title of this blog and say that's the most simplest, dumbest thing to say Faith. Of course you should know who you are, right? Wrong! To me those four words are the most precious, heartfelt, revelation, inspiring, encouraging words I could ever say to myself and hear others say about themselves too. For many of years I had battled with trying to find out what my identity was. I knew all the facts and figures: born into an African family, one of the two girls, three brothers, mum and dad and the list goes on, obvious FACTS. But the truth was that in the mist of all this I still didn't really know who I was and from that I somewhat was easily able to be swayed into trying others identity through the way they talked, dressed or behaved and only to see if it was something I was into or wanted to adapt to, to say, yes, finally I have arrived, 'this is me'. But I was not alone. There where other ladies who felt the sam