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You Are Valuable

Most of the time when we talk about something being valuable ( having importance or use, worth, having qualities worthy of respect, esteem and admiration ), we often connect it with materialistic items; things we can see, taste, or touch. However, what happens if we reflect this on ourselves? Is the value ( worth, respect, importance ) still the same or does it change? What would happen if we pulled up a seat, sat down, took out the imaginary mirror, looked into it, and simply asked, ‘Am I valuable?’ What would your first thought be? What would you say ?  Yes or no ? Would you even respond ? … something to think about. Why can it be so hard to value ourselves? Why is looking in the mirror difficult at times? How can such a simple question be challenging to answer? Is it because we allowed something or someone become the measuring rod for our self-value? Maybe we have let our characters, natures, situations, circumstances, relationships, behaviours, culture, socie