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Build Internally Well

I once read (paraphrasing) that you are always becoming something and God is concerned about what you are becoming. These words strike a nerve because they act as a reminder for us to keep check of ourselves: heart, mind, emotions, character… OUR NATURE. Like any other human being in life, there are times when I completely forget my nature. Life doesn’t go according to plan and I begin “acting up”. However, over the years God has begun to unveil that my acting up is because there is a malfunction on the inside of me. That there are things that I am externally saying are healed but are actually internally still bleeding. That light is not penetrating everything. This will be noticed individually and pertain to each person emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Remember, God is concerned about ALL of us and not just parts of us. He wants the whole package! As we have already entered into 2018, let us make sure that we are building ourselves internally strong. As a builder