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Just be YOU. It's that simple!

There have been many times when I have tried to be like other people.  Growing up I have had many types of influences around me both good and bad. But either way I have never really wanted to be myself! Why? I don't 100% know. I guess for me I always thought that trying to be or act like that beautiful lady I walked pass on the street, looked at on the train applying her make up, the one in a 'so called relationship' or just knew off had more of a significance than I really did. But then I realised that as I grew older and as you know they say wisdom starts kicking in ...ha! I started to notice that through my experiences and understanding of who I actually am and then thinking on how much I used to try to be like someone else instead of myself was the biggest lie I could ever tell myself. Remember this saying: Or maybe this one that Oscar Wilde said nicely: So true! You see, I found out that there is nothing wrong with admiring others & t