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Keep The Portal Open

Relationships are one of the most precious things we have in life. They are simply a connection, association or involvement between people. The ability to speak to someone about our lives; about what’s going on with us. This can be shared about the ins and outs of what we have and been through, things that bother us, successes, emotional tangents, our good days, our dark days… it’s endless; but something so key to our humanity. We often take forgranted relationships. We can misunderstand, mis-judge, de-value or de-prioritise someone’s ability to listen, offer counsel, advise, encourage, speak truth, shed light on what we may or may not see, educate us; change and challenge our perspectives… again the list is endless. But if we look at some parts of our lives we will tend to find that our circumstances and situations sometimes get the better of us. We get in the way of our relationships and they change. What we go through at any given time gets in the way of what is importan