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"Seeking others approval"

  How often do we seek others approval? We work the hardest we can, pray the longest we can pray, try the hardest we can try, only for that person or people to not accept us or appreciate the things we do. The job is either given to the next person who didn't work as hard as you. The guy goes for the girl who looks bigger, taller or shorter than you. What then do you do next? Ladies, at this point we have to realise we can't keep trying to seek men's approval because men (people) are indecisive. One day they are up and the next day they are down. One day they may like you & promise you the world, the next day they can dislike you & all promises once made doesn't exist any more. But for me personally, the only person I have daily learnt to lean on is Jesus Christ . He is unshakeable , unmovable and unconditional . This isn't some religious talk, it's truth from the heart talk. Let's face the facts, at least I know when He promises you

"Here, Take My Hand"

" Here, take my hand and let me walk with you ." How often do you hear people say this to you? How often is a hand given to you to reach out for? The crazy thing about this, is that such a great gesture is always offered through Jesus Christ, but yet still, many refuse to make and take that small action or step to receive it. Taking the hand of God does not mean, you will be lost, alone, beaten, starved, hurt or caused pain. It means you will NOT be alone , you will be FREE , you will be LOVED , CARED for and most of all FORGIVEN . At times, we fight the very thing that brings life to our souls. We fight the very opportunity to live again and breathe new air instead of contaminated fuels of life struggles, battles, sickness, hurt or pains. The sad thing is that we then become the ones who loose out. But through taking the hand that helps, comforts and supports, brings out the beauty of being RESTORED and truly LOVED . Alongside God's major hel

"Keeping fit & healthy: Is this an option for you?"

" Wow her body looks amazing, I wonder how she got that flat stomach or how she could fit so well in that dress? " Are any of these questions yours? I think we can all say we have looked at others who have toned bodies and thought, ' ughhhh yep, I need to start working out,  taking care of myself, especially eating right' . It's almost like we see others who look healthy and in shape, triggers something inside of us to transform our thoughts into our own type of motivation to do the same.  However, there are some of you who do not see it this way and unfortunately turn it around to jealously <------- Not cool. Ladies we need to not envy those who have been working out or eating healthy. Instead we should use it as an encouragement for us to live better, eat better and become better inside and out.  So, if you do find yourself being jealous  just admit it and ask yourself, why that is? Ladies, it's about time we start taking care of ourselves.

"Just let it flow"

TEARS:  There is just no need to explain what this is or give a whole description of the meaning of this word. I think it's fair to say we have all experienced a few forms of tears  in our lives, whether good or bad. Titling my blog, ' Just let it flow ' was not to be seen as a 'gimmick', but to be taken into action. The past couple of days has been tough for me and really and truly, there where only certain amount of things I could do physically to shack the reality of situations that was going on. The most I could do was try and let it all out (The frustration, annoyance, uncomfortable feeling) through my tears, which I must admit, I tried to hold back for a while. Tell me something: Have you ever tried to prevent yourself from crying, to the point where you have squeezed so tightly with all your inner bean to avoid that tear from dropping? Or have you simply just held your head back for a few moments pondering on thoughts, to try & fight the tear

"Happy New Year (2013): The Year of New Beginnings"

In the famous words of Michael Buble: " It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me and I'm feeling good ." What does 2013 hold for you? Could it be a new job, career path, relationship, friendships, healing or restoration? The fact is, we will never really know. It's life, we walk in it and we either choose to embrace it or ignore it. However on the other hand we can have the hope to believe something good will come out of this year and as I have already heard today: ' having a little bit of faith can change things '. So I guess, it's about time we increase our faith and start feeling good. We always hear questions being asked about, What the highs and lows of 2012 was? But for me, 2012 has now gone, so, therefore no need to really think about it any more, unless something significant happened (Marriage, Engagement, Birthday, Child's birth, Love Ones, Christmas etc) especially if you have to think of the lows