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She is Clothed with.....

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"God Hears"

As I was on my lunch break today, I took time to sit down with a homeless gentleman and had a good chat. I loved our conversation because as much as he could physically see he hadn't  much, he still had something, a great sense of humour, a willingness to listen and be prayed for. To me that blessed me beyond my own individual thoughts this day. He mentioned that one thing he wasn't sure about was whether God was really hearing him especially when he prayed. Funny enough I had struggled with the same question too, especially through my testing times. He even challenged me with the question... Do you hear from God? Trying not to sound all spiritual, giving up or religious I gave him my answer. What did this teach me? It showed me that no matter what stage in life we may be in our Christian walk with God or in general, we all still have questions and we all are still looking for answers or as some would like to call it: 'Looking for clarity' and as I was,

Joy cometh in the Morning...

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"God is Love and He loves you"

Hiya, Just to confirm, No you are not going crazy, and it is not valentines day all over again, come on two in one year...ha ha ha. Anyway, t he reason why I am bringing up the subject of love again is because as on my journey to work this morning, sitting on the train I remembered what my cousin and I was talking about last night. We really took time to listen to each other and ended our conversation with the conclusion that above all that we face or may go through, We need to know about God's love . With that being said we finished with praying. So lets go on the journey of God's LOVE today, What is it all about? How many times do we feel like God is somewhat mad at us, like He has cast us so far away and forgotten about us? Well, the truth is that he never has and never will especially when we are in our darkest moments. The Bible says: Even when we were sinners Christ died for u s (Romans 5:8), and in that greatest sacrifice, it was declared how much God lo