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Branded By: Stacey Spencer

We all have our own personal print, the things that make us who we are. Each strand of life absorbs itself within our DNA. Our growth of likes and dislikes from life’s branches such as culture and society, education and work, relationships, music, beliefs and values; attach to our DNA and form as particles that make up the anatomy of our identity. These and others help define and shape us. From the day we were born to our last dying breath, we can come across as pawns on a chessboard being in the process of human branding. You may be familiar with the term ‘Branding’; it is the technique of marking something in order to verify its identity, ownership. As humans we can be seen as   walking brands. The world we grow up in fights for our identity daily. These battles can be seen visually, psychologically, physically and spiritually. We are bombarded by images and words everyday; situations showing us who we are or are not, and where we may have come from. The strife