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Change: Good or Bad?

Change: /chanj/ Verb: Make or become different Noun: The act or instance of making of becoming different. Welcome to the wonderful world of change. I am sure you all have experienced this action in your life, not once nor twice. Some of you might be facing some sort of change right now. Drastic or as subtle as it could be, you face the fact of deciding whether you will take the step of change or not. Sometimes because of the type of change we are to face, we see it as a big step not wanting to move into, where as on the other hand, it could be seen as something that someone is excited or even looking forward to partake in. This can be seen through the stages of us growing up, maturing and experiencing new things. As life & the world changes so do we, individually, personally, internally and externally. Our beauty changes into maturity where it is no longer the fight to be just 'seen', but to be heard, recognised by our self worth, our identities and most of a