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A Second Best Nature

A woman’s story has been at times been far from beautiful, our history; a misty reflection of our favourite childhood fairytales.  The ‘assaults’ upon our identities and hearts have been long enduring battles that still exist today. We have been preyed upon since the beginning of creation, since the snake made its suggestion to Eve in the garden (Genesis 3). But is this fair? Life has been very colourful for us ever since. We have been involved in wars for woman’s rights and liberations. The right to be seen, heard and treated as an equal in the world we co-share with men. In a society mostly dominated by men, situations have left some of us oppressed, shut down or shunned. We can maybe look within and still see the scars that have been bared or carved upon us from these wars today. From the youngest to the oldest in age, even those who pioneered before us. This ‘assault’ has led us to believe that we have a ‘ second best nature’ . Believing into the lies that women’s wort