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"Beauty Through Song"

So I've put together some of my favourite 'Beautiful Songs' , Remember if its not said in person, it can be expressed through song. Enjoy whilst you either take time to listen or read the meaningful lyrics. 1) You are so beautiful to me - Joe Cocker     Such simple words, with such a touching meaning. There is someone out there who feels like this about you. Some have this someone now, and some long for this type of guy who will cherish them and make them feel like they are meant all these simple words…. There is hope, so keep your beauty shining and I believe that someone will come along soon. 2)  Beautiful- Christina Aguilera I remember when this song first came out...truly amazing lyrics with a meaningful message. It really makes you think, and understand that some of us really have difficult times that we face especially with identity. But the hope is that we are all made in a unique way and we should embrace it, no matter what. 3)  Just

"Quit feeling offended all the time"

Now when you first saw this title, what was your first reaction… was you already offended? See, the thing is, sometimes we can be quick to jump down someone’s throat when either they are trying to help, encourage or change our perspective for the better. Some questions you might want to ask yourself when you get to this point are: Why do I feel this way? How do I feel about the person who has corrected me or is trying to comfort me? What has happened to me prior to this encounter? And finally, I’m I really right in acting this way? Those who can challenge themselves with these questions above are right on their way to breaking through the barriers of always being offended at every word, sentence, situation or action being made towards them. As we all know life has its up and downs. Some people intentionally do things to get on our nerves, make us feel worthless; dampen our spirit from feeling great to feeling low. And yes, it gets to that point when you do become de

"Broken Beauty"

When you think of the word ‘Broken’, what comes to mind? Is it fair to say, something which was whole, like a full cup, glass, vase, smashing and braking into pieces? Or maybe we can see it, as a car fully running and working and then it just stops… broken? Or let’s talk about feelings, attitudes, life… Loving someone, it then  doesn't  work out…. You’re left with a ‘broken’ heart? See the thing is, the word broken can be seen in many ways, but it always has two similarities. It’s mostly not ever seen as something good, actually bad, sometimes confused and alone. But the second similarity is that there is hope in knowing that everything broken has its time to be repaired. This can also be seen with our individual beauty. How many times, has our beauty, our lives been scarred or broken through people’s words, thoughts, approach, rejection, society or just plain old life? And what are we left with, a broken beauty, a broken identity, a broken life?  Do we know who we

**Lord let me see**

( A Poem from the heart ) Lord , Let me see love instead of pain Let me see love instead of tears Let me see love that reaches out and doesn't hold back. Let me see love that learns to hear and not covers it's ears. Let me see love that invites and doesn't turns away. Let me see love that forgives instead of hates. Let me see love that brakes than bonds. Let me see love that unites than separates. Let me see love that conquerors fear. Let me see love that accepts rather than denies. May we see love that holds & doesn't let go. May we see love that constantly sees freedom than injustice. May we truly see YOU ! Our Father's hug of love. (Originally written on 28th September 2012)