"Tell me: What's your label?"

W.C. Fields states "It isn't what they call you, it's what you answer to"

How many of us dislike the label people give us? It could be in a form of a nick name, an embarrassing moment or even just a mistake. It almost seems like the label aka name is stuck with you for the rest of your life, or is that really the case?

According to W.C. Fields above quote, he is saying that even though people may label us whatever they choose too, we don't actually have to claim it. Its when we do claim these labels, it then becomes apart of us.

Other labels which you might be familiar with are: Worthless, spoilt  unforgiven, dirty, disowned, failure, stupid, ugly or even one that was said to me before: Weak or emotional.

These labels can either make us, damage us (self esteem & thoughts) or even break us. The question is, which one are you going to claim and which one are you going to ignore?
 Better yet, is it fair to say that we should disregard all crazy, negative names/labels and only cling to positive ones such as: Treasure, Precious, Beautiful, Smart, Priceless, One in a million, True Friend, Supporter, Achiever etc?

One must note, to live a healthy life is to defeat the labels either society, media or even our own friends or family members may give us. 
An apple is labelled as a fruit because that is what it is. To now call an apple a vegetable is defeating the purpose of its taste, growth and also its farmer. We can be seen like this too. Labels can be placed on us that just doesn't fit. Therefore it is right to not claim them and disregard them completely as soon as it is dished out. 

I saw this saying and took interest: 'A label is for jars & cans, not for people' <---- How real is that?

Therefore rather then complain or be paralysed by these labels. Be determined to make the best out of these labels by putting the labeller in their place and correcting them before it goes to far. Really and truly,  one doesn't have to prove anything to anyone, especially if you are walking, acting & speaking from your true identity and integrity which will and should be reflected.

You may say: Well Faith, How do I tackle with what people label me behind my back? I say this: Whatever people may label you behind your back can be good or bad. Whichever one it is, know that anything that doesn't lift you up, its better you don't know of it in general.
As they say, people who talk or label someone behind their back and cannot say it to their face, does not need to be given the time or attention, let alone deserve to ruin your day or life. 

Take for example the label of being 'weak'. At first I received it and began feeling sorry for myself, saying 'oh I need to be stronger, I'm too emotional.... blah blah blah'. But really and truly I did need to be stronger, but in the sense of not accepting such names and allowing it to own me to the point of calling myself other bad names. It almost became a chain reaction (And this you do NOT want).  So then I began to look at myself and was determined no one will ever hold such a name like that to me again, I saw myself stronger, wiser and more confident to walk away from such disrespect. And Ladies you just got to stand firm & have respect for yourself.

Always remember, when you rise up above what you are given, that's when you soar. Meaning, stand up against prejudices, evil, stereotypical labels and claim your victory into being called great things.

I really believe that nothing strips away a label like growth, positive, proactive change and a lot of self-love and acceptance. Therefore if you find yourself easily accepting such negative labels. It's about time you take your focus off the names, defeat it and begin to accept yourself for who you really are.

If you can admit its hard to do so:
Here's where you can start - Lets proclaim positivity over our lives: 

'...I am Fearfully and Wonderfully made...'Psalm 139:14
'I am the head and not the tail, above and not beneath' Deuteronomy 28:13
'I AM Beautiful'
'I AM a treasure'
'I might make mistakes and fail at times but it doesn't mean that I am a failure'
'I am Precious'.

Keep Being Beautiful

Faith Dore
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