Change: Good or Bad?

Change: /chanj/
Verb: Make or become different
Noun: The act or instance of making of becoming different.

Welcome to the wonderful world of change. I am sure you all have experienced this action in your life, not once nor twice. Some of you might be facing some sort of change right now. Drastic or as subtle as it could be, you face the fact of deciding whether you will take the step of change or not.

Sometimes because of the type of change we are to face, we see it as a big step not wanting to move into, where as on the other hand, it could be seen as something that someone is excited or even looking forward to partake in. This can be seen through the stages of us growing up, maturing and experiencing new things.

As life & the world changes so do we, individually, personally, internally and externally. Our beauty changes into maturity where it is no longer the fight to be just 'seen', but to be heard, recognised by our self worth, our identities and most of all our standards.
So tell me, what does your beauty reflect, and what change did you have to go through to get to where you are today?

I personally had to first of all find out who I really was, not hiding behind anyone else's shadow of identity or their beauty. But stepping out to find out, who is Faith and what is Faith's true beauty?
How did I do this. I had to take a closer walk with Christ. I learnt how much He is apart of me and how much I am apart of Him. To know how precious and loved I was, was one of the greatest revelation in this process. Once I was able to take that first step of change, it lead to another step, which was changing my mind set and how I thought about myself and what I took in from what others said about my life, my worth and my identity, especially through bad relationships. My desire was no longer to just be held or 'loved' by someone. I had found the author of love (Jesus) and in addition I found my purpose, which I must say helped me to fulfil and understand every other change that was and is needed in my life.

You see the thing is, as harsh as change may seem to be in whatever it is that you may face, once you are determined and have the faith to move forward and develop or improve, change no longer will feel or seem like such a daunting experience, but an exciting one. I must admit, there are some challenging moments through it all, but keeping at it, with the right mind set, you are truly set for great things.

Check this picture below, I love what it states, it is so true:

Sometimes you might not clearly be able to see where certain change actions may take you. But instead of answering the knock of change with fear, I say answer it with faith.

I personally see change as something that is good, especially when it comes to developing and growing us, as we matures into this constantly moving and transforming world.
Change that is positive and most of all uplifting can never be bad unless dealing with a certain issue where not only does change in circumstances need to be made but also healing.

Joyce Meyer always says this amazing statement: 'I'm not where I need to be, but thank God I'm not where I used to be. I'm OK, and I'm on my way'.

In this above quote, Joyce states the fact that, where she is now is completely different from where she was before. She no longer needs to reflect on where she was before but to only bring it up in example of her testimony for moving forward into greater things. What do you call this? I call this an example of positive change.

So you might have to move house, school, job, environment, move away from people eg: friends, relationships, co-workers etc to really experience the depth of what change can bring to your life. But with all these different types of change, your attitude can be the same or completely different.
Meaning each time something new comes into your life or takes a part of it, you can either approach it with a positive or negative attitude.

Rather than saying oh my gosh, this change is going to effect my life (yes it will), it's going to cause so much bad moments (really), how we going to cope etc. Having this negative mind set, is already setting up your potential change for disaster rather then refreshment & renewing.
Wouldn't you rather have the feeling of refreshment of a new start than disasters, confusion & unnecessary stress?

Put it this way. Change is what you make it. You can either embrace it & enjoy the blessings that it can bring even if you do not see it at first.
Or you can do the opposite & and miss all the goodness that you could have received through change.

So tell me is it your time to change?

Keep Being Beautiful

By: Faith Dore

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