Did you know?

That you are precious and one of a kind? Have you realised that you might at times not fit in everywhere you go? 
But instead of looking at that as a fault or yourself as an outcast, Do you ever stop to think that its okay to be different?
Why are we so obsessed with trying to fit in with the norm that we would rather abandon our uniqueness and settle for a carbon copy of another's self?

Did you know that you are cared and loved for unconditionally by God, crazy right? But it just doesn't stop there because it is a fact! No matter what mistakes we make, No matter what wrong thoughts we might develop or even bad decisions we might make, did you know that above all of this He is still willing to ACCEPT us for who we are, knowing that this has been or is apart of us? God knows that we are not perfect but He is and He is the only one that can help us to be the best person we can ever be.

I truly believe it should be our daily duty to stay true to ourselves. So what does this mean?
As you already may know, Beautiful Faces Ministries tag line is to: Identity, Embrace & Uphold YOUR true beauty. 
However there are many ladies that don't do this at all. Keep in mind that your true beauty doesn't necessarily mean outward appearance or upholding the way you look in society or to the world. True beauty is you stating I know who I am, and I am continuing to allow God to shape and mold me into a women of integrity that when people come into encounter with me, they not only know I am not trying nor need to be 'fake', but I am just real.

Did you not know that the way you where created, the way your eyes, nose and lips were shaped was just right for you? The way your hair falls, your smile stretches, your fingers, your toes, chin, cheek line etc is ALL YOU?
It's one thing to feel unsatisfied with how you look, but another thing to make it seem like your telling God, uhhh look at me you didn't do a great job, despite the FACT that in (Genesis 1:26-27) You where made in His own image and everything He made, He declared in (Genesis 1:18 & 31) that everything He made was GOOD!

So why then are we so hard on ourselves? Why then do we stare ourselves down so hard in the mirror looking to find a fault with the beautiful creation God has already created us to be? I truly believe if we all looked the same, acted the same and thought the same this world would be such a dull, colourless place, it would almost be like we are robots. Can you imagine if we all had the same name and tried to call out to each other, how confusing would that be and how sad and boring would life turn out to be?
But to see the difference in cultures, how many women of different generations carry themselves and the values they keep, helps to bring such great uniqueness and colour to life and this is what we need. Whether it be in our dress sense, how we speak, blink or even dance, there is always something unique we can take away and call our own. 

Is there any similarities? Of course: WE ARE ALL HUMANS...ha ha ha, and of course other minor things that you could add. But haven't you ever realised that despite twins being so identical and possibly having the same instincts, they still have separate personalities and that's just to show how individually we all where created to be.

Take it from me, it is one thing to want to admirer certain individuals beauty (their hair, body shape, personalities, attitude etc) But another thing for you to loose yourself in the mist of it all.
Know how to find the balance between loving who and how you are alongside admiring and appreciating the beauty in others.

To share our beauty to the world which is thirsty for more insight into different cultures, talents, colours, upbringing, real girls and ladies, but most of all an authentic life is such a great gift that you can give.

So don't despise the way you are or how you may have been raised, because in the mist of that your identity was formed, but as you grow you will truly come to find out who you are aside from your parents, siblings, best friend/s etc and then you will be able to define your likes and dislikes. You will also come to find out that not only is your true worth VALUABLE and PRECIOUS, but that your true identity is not within the world, but within God who made you in an awesome way.

God is LOVE and He LOVES you dearly.

Keep Being Beautiful...

By: Faith Dore

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