"Try Alpha - A stroll in my world"

Some of you may have come across this above iconic symbol and wondered what it is all about.
As you stood or walked down the escalators at the train station, it smiled at you. As you sat on the train it looked at you wanting your attention. As you paid for your groceries it waved a simple hello at you as it sat on the counter.
But for others you may not have seen it before.

So what is this iconic symbol and why would it be posted or advertised everywhere ?

This picture above somewhat explains it all....lol well part of it. I guess you can say, it all starts with that one question.

Many of us go through life with questions. Sometimes these questions are answered whilst other times they are not.

Growing up in a Christian family being told I had to go to Church/Sunday School and abide by certain rules and traditions especially living under my parents roof was very tricky for me. Some will say it must have been an easy life experience whereas I would say it had its challenges, less on the rebellious side but more on the question side of why? Can you relate? But when I was a little girl I guess the questions didn't really surface as I tried my best to block out the worst, obey my parents, whilst not agreeing with certain things that were said or how I was being treated.

The church I grew up in was very traditional, I didn't really get it all, let alone 100% understand what a true relationship with God was all about. I guess when you think of having a relationship with God, as described in the true Christian faith. It can seem like a weird idea. 
However, over time it has become crystal clear to me what this truly means. For example: Take a friendship.This is the kind of relationship you will work on developing, supporting, listening and discussing within. It is not one sided but clear and understanding. In a true friendship you will try to spend as much time with that person/s so that you and they know how valuable each of you are to one another and for this reason your relationship as friends grows. You know you can rely on them, be quick to forgive and share with them. Trust doesn't become an issue because you respect each other. 

Continuing on in my Christian journey, growing older and no longer a little girl I realised it wasn't about my parents or others telling me what I needed to believe or not believe. It was truly all about what I felt was right and mainly about my own personal walk with God.
See the thing is, its one thing being encouraged and lead in the right path, but at the same time, its another thing being felt like your are pushed to do something without knowing what you are truly doing: Does that makes senses?

In a nut shell I had to find out what being a Christian was all about.
So of course I had a few questions here and there about life and most of all about who Jesus Christ really was and if God loved or hated me (as I felt at times He (God) was always upset with me due to my imperfections, faults) and so forth.

My middle brother started to go to HTB (Holy Trinity Brompton) where this course (The Alpha Course) started to surface. It was advertised through the church's news insert. 
As continuing to watch from my seat in the balcony of HTB Knightbridge, London I was becoming more eager to know more about my Christian faith and and search for my own true identity. I always knew I was a 'Christian' but at some point I felt something was missing and that apart of me was just following routine or lets call it the crowd rather than experiencing God for myself through prayer, worship, reading, talking etc.

I wanted to know the peace the support the unconditional love that other Christians where experiencing but I didn't want to be constantly told anymore but showed.

The Alpha course helped me to see just that.

There were a few topics which were discussed further in my small group of about 5-10 people. You didn't feel alone, ok maybe on the first day (if going by yourself), but come to the second, third session you realised that you were building a community and that everyone else had as much or similar questions as you did.
It was funny, because at many points of this course I was being inspired by others questions and being taught a lot besides what my parents and others had raised me on. 

Just to make something clear, the leaders and helpers of my group never once portrade themselves as being the guru of Christianity and knowing it all, I mean who does? Isn't it only God Himself? Our leaders and helpers had great insight, wisdom, care and respect. It was almost like they were trying to say 'we are here to help you find your answers and at least get you to understand what Christianity is all about and what you may be going through in life, we are here to listen and NOT to judge you'.....Totally awesome I say. 
From this and more I could finally see my OWN personal adventurous journey into Christianity taking place. This was Exciting times.

Now this can sound all boring and long winded, but it totally is not. There were even some sessions where you went away with the whole team on the course, it was GREAT, peaceful and you really got to know your team on a better level than before.

Eventhough I am not going too in depth about my experiences, because then this blog will become very long, this is still to demonstrate how WORTH IT this course is. Don't just take my word for it, try it yourself.

It is such a joy to talk about The Alpha course because this has and still remains to be such a big part of my life. Now I can happily say I am a Christian who loves the Lord, knows Him for myself, talks to Him everyday like my own best friend and who means so much too me.

Some will or can call me a Jesus Freak, but hey don't get it twisted, I have and will always be SAVED BY His Amazing GRACE. And Yes, I am proud to say so!

The first session started today at: 

HTB Brompton Road, SW7 1JA and HTB Onslow Square, SW7 3NX  (Either Morning  or Evening times) but there is still time to sign up and experience such an amazing course by yourself as I did, with friends or even family.

I have made some good friends that is and still is a huge blessing in my life. Would I recommend this course. OH YES!!!!!!

For more information do check the links below:

Overall, I don't feel condemned anymore, nor afraid of God like He has cast me away and mean nothing to Him. 
Instead I feel loved, set free, complete, honoured to be called His child, daughter but most of all His friend. I now know I am truly forgiven and accepted especially when no one else loved or accepted me. And for this I have LIFE in Him, free to be all that He wants me to be.

If you have experienced the Alpha Course, please feel free to share your experience with us.

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