Just be YOU. It's that simple!

There have been many times when I have tried to be like other people. 

Growing up I have had many types of influences around me both good and bad. But either way I have never really wanted to be myself!

Why? I don't 100% know. I guess for me I always thought that trying to be or act like that beautiful lady I walked pass on the street, looked at on the train applying her make up, the one in a 'so called relationship' or just knew off had more of a significance than I really did.

But then I realised that as I grew older and as you know they say wisdom starts kicking in ...ha! I started to notice that through my experiences and understanding of who I actually am and then thinking on how much I used to try to be like someone else instead of myself was the biggest lie I could ever tell myself.

Remember this saying:
Or maybe this one that Oscar Wilde said nicely:
So true!
You see, I found out that there is nothing wrong with admiring others & taking on fashion tips, career paths or teachings that you know inspires You & helps You!
But there is a problem when you try to erase yourself from the equation of your own life & only want to embrace another's identity other than your own.

Yes, we all have a choice, we make decisions every day sometimes good & sometimes not so good.
But when it comes to life itself, we need to make the correct choice of choosing to be ourselves & embracing our natural beauty & worth in and through every situation we face and decision we need to make.

Yes, there will always be a great actor, a great dancer, model, doctor, hairdresser, beautician, singer, student & the list goes on; but, who said you cannot be one of these great people? Better yet, we all can!

God didn't say, right world, I can only have one good singer in this big world and oh, one good drummer too...noooo!!!
But He did say: 'You ARE fearfully and wonderfully made' psalms 139:14. Meaning, each one of us are unique & was not made by mistake. It also means that we all have amazing qualities within ourselves that needs to be seen and heard.

So before we right ourselves off based on how negatively we may speak about ourselves or what others may have already said or is saying about us. How about we change this 'worthless/pity party' feeling of a cycle and start embracing who we really are? 
What we can naturally do without a struggle and what we enjoy about ourselves at the end of the day is what matters.

Giving up on ourselves no matter who accepts us or not, should not be your number one action or option.
We should know how to have a healthy balance of acceptance of our selves by learning how to celebrate others, their natural beauty and talents in whatever area of life that might be, but most importantly we should celebrate and big up our selves as well because we shouldn't forget we too are also great individuals of great value!

So, moving forward, just be YOU and SHINE. 
You have so much great things about you waiting to come out that you even don't know about and you wouldn't know until you allow yourself to truly develop into the amazing lady or man you were always meant to be.

Self discovery does take some time as you will find that there may be things you used to like that you do not like anymore and that is OK. Now all you need to do is start choosing to like and do things that you actually want. And regarding other people's opinions about you, read this quote...it sums it up nicely:

Life is just to short to over care or worry about what people think about you. You will have people in and around your life that will either correct you out of love and encourage you. Or correct you out of spite and cause pain... You decide which type of people you want around you.

As long as you value and accept you, those who really care for you and wants to truly be apart of your life positively, will celebrate and encourage and show you their support by accepting you for you and sticking around.

So be the best YOU, YOU can be!

By Faith Dore

Identify. Embrace and Uphold Your True Beauty

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