Life, at times, can be a complicated game of chess. You can sometimes feel like a pawn being darted to and throw amongst intricate pathways on a board, each box representing a situation or circumstance.

Looking at the game chess we can see is a strategic game. Anyone who plays it must think before they act. Strategically they must consider where to move each piece on the board in order to win the game. They must plan, each stage. Every move they make is a step closer to winning or losing.
Like a chess player, we also need to take this above approach in life. This doesn’t mean that we need to have a rigid routine of which no free flow or change can be made, but we must think ahead and out of the box before making a move or decision.

The Oxford Dictionary defines a decision as; ‘a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration.’ When we come to a conclusion it means that we have come to an end of something, that something has been determined; set. This suggests that we have undergone various mental actions; a process. In order to make the right choices in life we must make the right decisions.
These decisions determine the outcome of something. For example, if someone says that they are hungry the typical response would be to eat. Another example would be if someone were cold they would find a way of making themselves warm. These situations are endless, but what we need to consider (think) about is the process involved; choice.

Again, defined by the Oxford Dictionary, a choice is; ‘an act of choosing between two or more possibilities.’ A situation naturally presents us with two or more ways of doing something. How we do something requires a choice to be made, and the right one or most beneficial one at that.

Using the first example for instance, if someone is hungry they eat. Choices entail; what do they eat? What do they like or don’t like? Do they want something hot or cold? Will they cook something or order take-away? The questions are also endless and continued until we have reached a final decision, which produces a result. We mentally go through a process that will determine, ultimately, whether we eat or not, and what we eat if we do.

This is the same for life in general. We must begin to consider our choices as they will be either fruitful or lifeless. Our minds and hearts must be clear in what we do and where we go, negating confusion, being in a cycle or being stuck and not moving at all. The choices we make as a person will determine where we go in life. Just like the chess player, we also become.

We must be willing to weigh up every choice we make before it is finalised, and set as a habit or standard in our lives, before it becomes a way of living. This must be done on a physical, mental and spiritual level. We cannot afford to negate one or the other. Wisdom (good judgment) and understanding (realise intended meaning) are key. These two elements must be desired, considered and used when making choices.

As we are soon to come to the end of 2016, most people will be making New Year’s resolutions, constantly reflecting over the last year of their lives and direction to the future. Choices of what to let go off and what to form/ reform, etc; the list goes on. Ideally we think that by making a few choices here and there, our lives will be changed. The truth is that if we don’t carefully consider our choices before solidifying them as a decision, our lives won’t change but will remain as they are.

Moving forward in life, maybe see it with the mindset of a chess player. Carefully think about each choice you make in order to have a better life. 
By: Stacey Spencer - BFM Writer

(Edited by Faith Dore)

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