You Are Valuable

Most of the time when we talk about something being valuable (having importance or use, worth, having qualities worthy of respect, esteem and admiration), we often connect it with materialistic items; things we can see, taste, or touch. However, what happens if we reflect this on ourselves? Is the value (worth, respect, importance) still the same or does it change? What would happen if we pulled up a seat, sat down, took out the imaginary mirror, looked into it, and simply asked, ‘Am I valuable?’

What would your first thought be?
What would you say
Yes or no?
Would you even respond?

… something to think about.

Why can it be so hard to value ourselves? Why is looking in the mirror difficult at times? How can such a simple question be challenging to answer? Is it because we allowed something or someone become the measuring rod for our self-value? Maybe we have let our characters, natures, situations, circumstances, relationships, behaviours, culture, society, education, jobs and careers, material goods; etc, shift us from God’s truth on our value, and placed it in the power of something or someone else.

I absolutely love the show Dance Moms. Lately I have been captivated by the dance journey of Chloe Lukasiak. I have watched her journey on the show from season to season; child to young adult. She is a wonderful dancer, but her journey has not been easy. Even though part of a competition team, she has always faced challenges (competed against new people joining the team; also team mates, constantly compared to others, not always given praise, and at times had been left out).

As each season went by, I began to watch her confidence and passion for dance slowly decreases, until she ultimately left the team. Several seasons later, she has now returned to the show, but what I found most shocking was that she didn’t competitively dance for a while. What I saw through Chloe’s story was the battle of value: ‘Am I valuable?’

Her confidence had become so crushed that her passion began to drain. She didn’t dance like she used to because she felt like she was so wounded. I believe that the fight caused her to lose value within herself; who she was and what she could do. It was quite sad to watch, part of you wished that her self-esteem and recognising her true value would kick in.

How many of us can raise our hands and identity with Chloe’s story? I know I can, especially at times when I let things and people; other than God, dictate my value. It had become soul destroying; you then become weak.   

Genesis 1:26-28 says that God made us in His image and likeness. He blessed us and told us to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the Earth, and subdue it. In verse 31 of that same chapter it also says that everything God made that day was VERY GOOD. So, regardless of what we like or dislike about ourselves or what is happening, God was and still is happy with what He created; us. So why can’t we be happy with the us He created?

It is important that we value ourselves and everything about us; warts and all. We have to learn to accept and love ourselves (not in selfish or for vanity purposes), but because we are the only selves that we can ever be.

We can change the bad things about us; our natures, characters, and behaviours, but we further need to nurture the good in us too. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to be the one who can show us a better way (John 14:26). He is the one who helps us to break our sin habits as Christ broke sin nature on the cross.    

So, what is YOUR story? How has your value been criticized? I pray that despite all of that, God helps you see that YOU ARE VALUABLE, and that the Holy Spirit; your helper and comforter, will show you how to accept that you were created GOOD. Regardless of how things currently are or have been, be encouraged change has come, just open your eyes to see it clearly and you will.


By: Stacey Spencer - BFM Writer

(Edited by Faith Dore)


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Images: Pixabay (User: Kulinetto).

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