'Pushed back against the Wall'

The Storm is OVER, Can I enjoy my life now please?

I bet many of you would love to be saying this right about now. But for some of you the reality is this:

There comes a time in life when it seems like your back is pushed against the wall, you throw your hands up and say: ok, ok, enough now, no more. Everything has just been thrown at you and you think, please Lord, no more, I can't take it.

It almost makes you feel like you are in a circus, assigned a new role: Lady Juggler - As each problem arises you try and deal with each one as much as you can, but then a next ball of problems or issue surfaces, if its not your job, its about your finances, if its not about your finances, its then about your relationships, family issues, health and so forth.
To top it all off, someone throws you another ball of their own problems, to only confuse your flow of somewhat trying to endure your own pain. At this point you acknowledge you not only don't have the strength to carry on, but you don't even have the will power to push yourself through another stormy day.

When the storms where raging in the Biblical story of Jesus calming the storms: It seemed like everyone else could see the storm but just for a small moment could not see the storm calmer. Everyone could see the red alert and automatically get into panic mode, but missed the place of peace and endurance through it all "Jesus was in stern, sleeping on a cushion" vs 38). But as soon as the Disciples called out " Teacher don't you care if we drown? " (Mark 4:38b) straight away in vs 39 it says Jesus got up and calmed the storm and it died down completely.

This is the same with the Biblical story about Peter walking on water (Matthew 14: 22-23): Jesus said if you believe its me, come to me and before Peter knew it, he was walking on all the storms of his life, but as soon as he took his focus off Jesus and looked at the wind, he started to sink.

Why did I mention these two stories: because they are two similar stories with one main solution. No matter how much you may feel like you are pushed back against the wall with all your problems and it may seem like there is no way out, just call on Jesus and He will come and help you.

Ladies, sometimes you just have to realise that you can't do everything on your own but you do need to rest in your loving Heavenly Father's arms. And in my opinion that is the best place to be.
For in His arms there is protection, shielding, security, peace of mind and most of all comfort from all lives struggles.

Would you learn to lean on Him and tell Him all today?

He is always willing to listen, He never left you, even when you thought He did, you only just walked away, so come on back and rest.

You might be thinking, Faith I just don't know where or how to begin. God will never forgive the actions I've taken or all the wrongs I have done?

Ladies I want you all to remember this: For every tear you cried, every hurt or pain you felt through words or actions, any guilt you may still feel, He Has Felt It Too. He truly understands and loves you unconditionally, that's the true beauty of a new found hope and relationship with Him. God accepts you despite all you have done and wants you to live life to the fullest.

"...Their sins and lawless acts, I will remember no more" (Hebrews 10:17)
"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 
(2 Corinthians 12:9)

So Ladies, hear God's steal soft voice telling you that He loves and cares for you deeply. Hear me telling you that there is no struggle that you faced or is facing that someone else may have also been through too, so lets learn to lean on each others shoulders and support each other.

Your back can only be pushed up against the wall for only so long, but for you to defeat the pressures of life, you got to say enough is enough, Lord, please give me strength, help me push forward, press on and continue on.

Ladies I truly believe you CAN do it. I know you got it in you to do so, so just believe and take heart.
A Prayer to Set you on your Way!

Dear Father,
I thank you for always having time for me, even when I don't deserve it. Please forgive me for trying to fight this battle of life by myself. I am really pushed back against the wall now with all the problems or situations I am facing and I NEED YOUR HELP. Please wash me clean and I invite you into every aspect of my life. 
I claim to be FREE in you. I live my new life in you and I hold unto the hope that no matter what storms I face, I no longer face them along.
Thanks for the GREAT support.

In Jesus Name


Keep Being Beautiful

By: Faith Dore

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  1. This is exactly what I needed to hear Faith. Thanks for listening to the word and the will of the Lord. This is confirmation that I am strong and that I will make it through this "Crazy" time.

    1. Your Welcome. And truly you will make it through. Keep being determined and keep remembering every step counts. God loves you and will help you through. Lean on Him :)


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