I know I haven't written a blog for a while, but there has been many things going on at the same time starting from: work, family, friends and just good old life related. But as we all know, time waits for no man, so we got to tackle whatever we got to face and keep on going:

So here's today's blog:
What is the first thing that comes to mind when this word is said?
To me the word STOP can be explained differently based on any situation we come across. The Thesaurus defines the word STOP as: Termination, Conclusion, End, Finish.
For the above definitions I would like to look at the word STOP in the aspect of: Loneliness, Addictions, Excuses, Pity Parties and Singleness.

See the thing is; in all the actions we take in life to compensate for being in a relationship, feeling stronger, bolder or even just confident and fearless can become an obstacle to moving forward.
Therefore as funny as it may sound, I believe the word STOP needs to be introduced.

Take for example: If you're currently single and feeling lonely, you may see a common trend around you, meaning: most of you friends are either married, engaged, in a relationship or just about to have a child.
You go unto all the social network sites you have an account with such as Facebook and Twitter, thinking you can escape this reality. But then of course even the social network welcomes you with people changing their status from single to in a relationship.

So, what do you do? Throw a pity party? Jump into bed with a random guy or entertain the first guy that shows you any sort of attention, being emotionally caught up and not caring about your value?
The worst thing about these actions is that you most likely will wake up the next morning feeling worst off than you were the day before. Your worth becomes devalued as the random guy walks away, possibly without even saying goodbye. You feel empty, alone but most of all the hole you wanted to fill within your heart with true love, respect and value is now still empty. Why? Because you chose not to STOP when you could have.

Ladies its about time we STOP using how we feel as an excuse to jump into bed with a random guy because of feeling lonely.
Yes the world might be pointing fingers at you stating your still single while everyone else is 'moving on' or your family and friends might be stating 'your biological clock is ticking get a move on'. But as much as you might be tired of hearing this, I am going to say it again: Your Value and Worth is much more important than a one night temperamental stand. Your time will come when your status will be the one to change.

Lets not let our emotions control our actions, neither draw a wedge between our God given destiny of Beauty, Love, True Acceptance and Completion (wholeness) in Christ.
Instead, when feeling lonely, bring out your STOP sign and say ' Sorry random guy, or boyfriend you are not getting the best of me this time'.
Claim back your worth, claim back your precious identity of a strong women who is to defeat lust, temptation and crazy emotions.

It's about time we ladies know how to pull up the  STOP sign in everything that drags us down, pulls us backwards  or even towards others that only know how to speak negatively into our lives.

Enough is Enough. I am tired of seeing ladies being hurt, mistreated and being taken for granted based on being vulnerable or lonely at hurtful times. Ladies be STRONG! You can do it.

Here is a few situations when the STOP sign needs to be applied, that can help you in times of emotional need:

STOP throwing pity parties when things may not seem to be going your way.

STOP allowing people to walk all over you and say your weak, when really and truly you are strong, but at times you fail to see it because for so long you have agreed with all the previous weak comments and bad treatments others has dished out to you. It's about time you don't accept such words and Wake up! Be determined and you will be an overcomer.

STOP telling yourself you are not good enough. Sometimes as the old saying goes 'we can be our own worst enemy', Why? Because we are just too hard on ourselves. And this needs to end. No matter what, learn to lift yourself up and be around others who delight in seeing you happy than sad. Don't let your past define your identity, just move pass it.

STOP giving yourself so much excuses for any addictions you may have. Yes once addicted, it could seem hard to change, but there is no time like the present, and that means starting from today, right now this moment. Embrace it.
Always remember: Being determined to try and make even just a little progress, rather than not trying at all allows you to improve, move forward and be refreshed, than beating yourself down into the ground of no returns.

Ladies, put it this way. We have two options. We can either pull out our STOP signs as soon as possible, defeating all the testing times in our lives, so that we can begin to live a fresh new positive transformed life with new found hope and real acceptance.
Or we can take the second option which is to not do the above and instead, throw all the pity parties is the world, dragging everyone else who is willing to attend, receive the wrong attitude with the wrong attention and becoming scarred in many ways than you ever had been before.

As drastic as option two may seem, its called reality, this is the same with option one.
Many people have chosen not to put the STOP sign up, because of fear of change or just the uncontrolled outcome of their lives. For this reason they live the same repetitive, sometimes abusive and self destructive lives.

Some of you may even say Faith, How on earth can I do what your explaining above, I am not strong enough, I may loose all that I have?
Think about what you just said, and then ask yourself this: 'Am I happy where I am currently? Am I being treated fairly and Do I feel complete and fulfilled right now?

As simple as these questions may be, some may find it hard to answer honestly.

So, I echo what Joyce Meyers says: 'Do it AFRAID'. Most of the things we are afraid to take action with is really nothing much, when we face it and get it over with, its the development of running away that makes things seem worst off than what it truly is.

Here's some advice: Why not gather your genuine friends around you and seek their true support, I am sure they will be willing to listen, and if you don't have that,  all hope is not lost, you can call up a Christian Prayer Line such as UCB Prayer Line or Joyce Meyer Prayer Request who will be willing to support you in any prayer need or show love & care by being willing to listen.
Sometimes even I have had to take this action and when I do, Guess what? It really helps me and allows me to not feel like I'm alone. And finally above all ASK GOD, His your number one supporter, despite all the mistakes or shame you may feel. He always wants His children to run to Him for help. So will you do that today?

Ladies, please remember as I said before, every little step COUNTS! As you make each step towards saying STOP to all hurt, pains, emotional battles, sexual addictions and so forth, you will gradually begin to see that you are making BIGGER steps than you ever thought you could do.

I strongly believe, if I can do it, so can you. I believe in you. You are PRECIOUS, You are WORTH it, and most of all You are LOVED. How do I know this: because I said so and God most of all said so in his beautiful Word.

Keep Being Beautiful

By: Faith Dore

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  1. Faith, this post spoke to me in volumes. At the beginning of this year I heard a call from God to do this exact thing. I had and still have addictions, but I felt God say to me "So what are you doing about them?" Yes at first, it was hard, but as time went by I felt it get easier and easier to overcome them because of God's Holy Spirit which was at work in me! Such great wisdom, a word that every woman needs to hear! Thank you for this post! Loved it! Just what I needed to hear to encourage me in walk!

  2. Awesome news Amanda.
    Thanks so much for being open and for your words of encouragement. May you always have deeper clarity and reinsurance that just by taking one step at a time and aiming on defeating all addictions, you remain VICTORIOUS.

    Keep going Sis.


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