"God is Love and He loves you"

Just to confirm, No you are not going crazy, and it is not valentines day all over again, come on two in one year...ha ha ha.
Anyway, the reason why I am bringing up the subject of love again is because as on my journey to work this morning, sitting on the train I remembered what my cousin and I was talking about last night.
We really took time to listen to each other and ended our conversation with the conclusion that above all that we face or may go through, We need to know about God's love. With that being said we finished with praying.

So lets go on the journey of God's LOVE today, What is it all about?

How many times do we feel like God is somewhat mad at us, like He has cast us so far away and forgotten about us?
Well, the truth is that he never has and never will especially when we are in our darkest moments.

The Bible says: Even when we were sinners Christ died for us (Romans 5:8), and in that greatest sacrifice, it was declared how much God loved us to the point of sending His son to save us. (John 3:16)

Mind blowing right?

The thought of God Himself all perfect and just, loving us? To me, that's some awesome, overwhelming news to my ears and especially my heart.

Sometimes we look or expect a type of love from others that we can only get from one main person: Jesus Christ. And if He is the author of love, who states perfect love casts out fear & the greatest thing above all is love. Then surely He must know a lot more about the whole word, than we do, right?

Isn't it funny that when we look for love in others we come to some point where we analyse the persons love towards us, we might wonder if the person is for real or are they just throwing the word around to get something from us? And this can be the same with how we see Gods love towards us too. We may wonder why in the world will someone come and die for us to show His love towards us, knowing how bad, wrong or unfaithful we may or can be?????

And that's why the Love of God goes deeper, wider and further than any man's imagination and love towards us, that even in our mist of shame, guilt, pain and emptiness, He wants to embrace us with His overwhelming
, unconditional love.

I remember whilst having the conversation with my cousin, I was reminded about an important thing she once mentioned to me. At that time we were discussing the whole marriage topic and I was feeling real down about the whole topic and she said this; "Faith, you need to trust God, and to really trust Him is to know of His love for you and know that He will not do anything to harm you or make you feel sad, upset or even disappointed". This made me smile. Why? Because not only does it also remind me of one of my favourite Bible verse: Jeremiah 29:11, but there and then I had a clearer revelation of who God is to me: A God of LOVE  and a God who truly CARES for us & knows our every need, but above all wants what is best for each and everyone of us.

I can only hope that the above revelation also shows you how great the love of Jesus is for you too.

You might feel empty you might feel complete. You might feel lost and you might feel found. But above all these things do you feel LOVED?

For me feeling loved by Christ revolutionised my thinking, behaviour, but most of all my life. For in Christ I now know I can find TRUE Love, Acceptance, Hope and a Promising future. I am satisfied with that understanding now, but the question is, Are you?

For God is love and He LOVES you dearly!

Keep Being Beautiful

By: Faith Dore

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