"God Hears"

As I was on my lunch break today, I took time to sit down with a homeless gentleman and had a good chat. I loved our conversation because as much as he could physically see he hadn't much, he still had something, a great sense of humour, a willingness to listen and be prayed for. To me that blessed me beyond my own individual thoughts this day.

He mentioned that one thing he wasn't sure about was whether God was really hearing him especially when he prayed. Funny enough I had struggled with the same question too, especially through my testing times. He even challenged me with the question... Do you hear from God? Trying not to sound all spiritual, giving up or religious I gave him my answer.

What did this teach me? It showed me that no matter what stage in life we may be in our Christian walk with God or in general, we all still have questions and we all are still looking for answers or as some would like to call it: 'Looking for clarity' and as I was, so was he.

One thing I was reminded of, was the fact that,  Gods way of doing things such as answering our prayers is not always how we expect it to be. Neither how we might want it to be.
Does our prayers eventually get answered? I believe so. Sometimes it may take a while before we realised it did (as we took our focus off the request) and then we get to a point of remembrance & refocusing and then say 'Father I thank you for hearing me and answering my prayer, just when I needed it, not when I wanted it'.

The above is just to show, that He does hear us, its only the fact that He chooses to answer us at the appreciate time according to His will. It can seem unfair at times,  Does that mean He doesn't care for our present circumstances or what we are facing?  No. It just means His timing is always the best for us, He sees the bigger picture when we only can see the small one at times.

So instead of contemplating whether God hears you or not and if you should still pray, why not still keep praying and when you have done so, rest in the knowledge that He has heard you and begin to thank Him for what He is about to do. And in the mean time, pray for His patience and comfort to endure in holding on, especially in the case when you clearly see that your prayer request has not been answered straight away.
When writing the above it reminded me of a Bible verses: Isaiah 55: 6, 8 and 9
Which illustrates two things: 1) Seek God 2) His ways are different from ours, but it doesn't mean He will not answer.

In seeking God we pray, we sing,  read His word or we just simply talk to Him. Does the Heavens magically open and Angles come down to talk to us? For some yes, for others no. Does this mean God loves you less? No.

Lets try and look at this from a non spiritual view, take for instance Person A is looking for a new job. They pray all the prayers they can to be directed and lead to the right company but yet still a week has gone, then a month passes and yet still they are not promoted or moved jobs. 
Then comes Person B who does the same as Person A or even less and gets a brand new, good paying job the next day. Why? Because of timing. I strongly believe each individual has a specific time for everything. You might be person A who still needs developing, character changing, to maybe spread a positive word to someone at your job which could save or inspire their life, but you should always remember your silence in a week or a month would not ever be in vain, especially when you have done all you can do.

I believe God is faithful. He surely hears our prayers even when we think He doesn't and especially when we feel all prayed out and all we can do is either cry many tears, scream or sometimes just say, why God why, when God when?. But as I told my new friend on lunch, you must NOT GIVE UP! It may seem like the easiest option to take but it shouldn't be taken.

Lets hang in there and inspire each other. Lets remember if we have prayed about any area of our lives according to His will, then in due time we will reap a great harvest and I also believe it will be greater and bigger than you originally prayed for, Why? Because that's how awesome and cool Christ is, check it out: Ephesians 3:20, so what are you waiting for?

Keep praying, Keep Believing and Keep Receiving.

Oh taste and see that the Lord is Good, blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him (Psalm 34:8).
His mercy endures forever and it reaches towards you. Will you accept it?

Keep Being Beautiful
God is Love and He Loves You dearly!

By: Faith Dore

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