"What have you got?"

Have you ever wondered what it will be like to have what someone else has, especially when you have been wanting & waiting for that thing or outcome in such a long time?

What do I mean?

Well, take for instance a position at your work place. A marriage you see others looking so happily down the street with. A boyfriend to support & care for you. Longer hair, Shorter hair, a car and the list goes on.
So lets clear one thing up. Wanting all the above and more is NOT a sin neither is it a bad thing. But wanting each one of the above with the wrong attitude such as (Jealously, hatred, selfishness, lost, lust, unforgiveness, brokenness etc) is the issue.

Sometimes all it takes, is for us to look at what we already have, be grateful whilst living and hoping in great expectation in the mindset that God has great and amazing things in store for us. However we tend to hinder these great blessings from coming our way, when we, yes WE become too impatient & want what others have.

So my question to you is this: What do you ALREADY have? What can you say you are grateful for right now this minute? Even if you find yourself breaking it down to the tee regarding, a decent job, a drivable car, some sort of income coming in, a potential 'friend' who really cares. With all that, for now, is it not more than enough?

In society today, it at times shows us that enough is not enough. You get the one thing you have been looking and waiting for only to enjoy it for a moment and then to want another thing. 
Ladies, could we not just embrace the true friendships we already have rather than wanting a greater number in statistics to boost or match others criteria?
Could we not love the new lipstick we just bought the other day, rather than to feel that we need to go out and over spend on buying so much more than we need? 
I believe there has to be a balance.
A balance in which we can clearly see what we already have. To embrace it all and look unto God for greater things to come. In John 10:10b God says that He has come to give us life in all its fullness. But I am sure this doesn't mean with an ungrateful heart.

We can be so fixated on what others have that we miss the blessings that God is creating and developing in our own pathway. Proverbs 3:5-6 states: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean NOT to your own understanding. But in ALL your ways acknowldge Him and He SHALL direct YOUR path.
So if this promise is so crystal clear for all of us, why are we so eager to jump unto others paths?

Have you ever heard the saying, when people tell you to not wish for what others have, because you don't know how they got it or what they are truly going through with it

What do I mean?

Take for example: You see a lovely couple walking down the street, your emotions get caught up then you wish that you had a relationship just like that. They 'seem' to be so happy, hand in hand, kisses on the cheeks and complete smiles through every step they take together.
But on the flip side behind close doors, there is abuse, behind the beautiful layer clothes there are bruises, behind the smile, there is fear and behind the graceful looking steps down the streets together there is force.
Now I am NOT saying that every loving looking couple down the street is going through this, but for some this is reality. There is nothing wrong with wishing that one day you will be loved up and happily married or in a great relationship of purity. But our thoughts at this time should be this: 'Father, one day please bless me with the right man, your son who has been created just for me, who will appreciate me and continue to grow together in your love' Amen.
At this point you not only admire what you might see across the road, but you don't crave for what they have, but what God has in store for you.

Another example: Your looking for a promotion. But someone beats you too it. you begin to doubt your self, even hate on that person, you start to beat yourself up internally with thoughts that you where not good enough, etc. You look at the person that was promoted and say, I wish I could be like them, why couldn't I have just acted how they did or spoke the way they did. If only I had more skills.
But on the flip side. This person that just got promoted is having sleepless nights, is overwhelmed with the work load and doesn't even enjoy working in your company any more, why? Because they wished they didn't take the role because the manager is mean and too demanding.

The different perspective: This time you will say I guess that position was not for me, I am sure God is lining up something better for me, in which I am capable of reaching my best potential and become a more skilful person in areas I lacked.
This enables you to not only speak life, but to see areas you might need develop in, to also have a sound mind with room for growth.

So in all this, what am I trying to get at?

Sometimes the grass might not always be greener on the other side. As individuals we can become unsatisfied if we don't get what we want when we want it. But I am saying to you, What have you already got? Use it, develop it and Embrace it.

Who know's what is waiting for us round the corner if we only stay focus on our own journey, whilst helping others and appreciating all that we already have. To live in patience with great expectation of the awesome blessings God has in store for us.

I know I don't want to miss my blessings, do you?

God is LOVE and He loves you ever so dearly.

Keep Being Beautifully You!

By: Faith Dore

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