When God When: Facing your storms & Seeing your Joy!

There are many times in life when we go through things. Some of these times feel worse off than others.
We cry & at times let anger build up due to the disappointments, delays & defeats. But I truly believe that the time for overcoming, rejoicing, smiling again will be knocking at our doors very soon, if not today.

Having the RIGHT attitude to endure, with the strength of God & the power to overcome makes everything you go through feel a little bit worth it.

I do believe that everything happens for a reason, the explainable and unexplainable, especially when at times some reasons seem clouded.

'Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy'. Psalm 126:5

The verse above kept coming in remembrance to me a couple of times throughout November 2014. I felt it was God trying to reassure me that despite what we go through He is ever so present to be our Strength to carry on, our Defender when accused & our Helper when in need. To reassure us that despite the storms there comes a time of calmness, a time of victory & most of all a time of peace.
We are all looking up to God for one thing or the other. And we try our best to wait patiently & expectantly.

As much as I write all the above, a little part of me feels like a little child with their parents asking the question Why? But instead of the, Why? It becomes a 'When'?

At times I have heard others say, there is no need to ask God such things; just trust Him & He'll show up in your situations. But as much as I know I do, I still would like to be given a slight hint. 
Just like when a child knows he or she is heading to a special & fun place, let's say for example Disneyland. They are so excited to get there that the journey seems to be longer than it needed to be/feel. The child ask their parents, How long left till they arrive & all the parents response is, soon. But then something changes, soon changes to 2 hrs, 2 stops, 2 mins.....We're HERE!

Could we not just have little hints like the above?

But then here's another response in Isaiah 55:8-9, Jeremiah 29:11, Habakkuk 2:3 and Ecclesiastes 8:6 where God says: His timings & ways our not ours. But the best is yet to come.
It may feel at times like our emotions are undergoing a vicious circle as we try our best to hold unto these above truths.

But, Wait. Wait a little while longer, and see your joy be greater than your sadness.
Your dry seasons become your flourish season.
Your discomfort is your Comfort season.
Your closed doors are your open doors.

Is all the above easy? Uhhhhh, let me just think about this before I answer. Actually don't need to...NOPE!

Nothing worth having, developing, living for & towards is ever always easy. And this we call LIFE.

God never promised us that everything will be totally easy & that we will 'always' walk on the clouds every day. But He did PROMISE that He will always be by our side through it all.

I love this poem & I believe this is how we can reflect on our lives daily through its challenges, it's lows but most of all it's High.

So take a further look:
God has a perfect plan for you and me. When will His great & good plans ever surface completely? I am still awaiting those answers too.

So, in the meantime. Hold your head up. Do not despise the days of your small beginnings, because your small beginning could be the birth of your big beginning.

My prayer for you:

Dear Lord.
Please bless those who read this blog.
Give them the strength to endure through their pain or trails. Let them feel your love, warm embrace & acceptance.

Please show up in their lives and may they not ever lose sight of the victory, the joy you have in store for them.

Thank you for hearing our prayers.

From my heart to yours.

God is Love and He loves you ever so DEARLY!

By: Faith Dore
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