Most times in life we can complicate things and we don’t need to. This theme of #SpeakLife is simply to think about the words you say before you release them. 

When you begin to understand that the words you speak have the power to create and bring life or death (Proverbs 18:21), you then should begin to think about the words you say with a higher level of conviction (a strong opinion or belief), responsibility (good judgement and the ability to act correctly and make decisions on your own), and accountability (a situation in which someone is responsible for things that happen and can give a satisfactory reason for them) – all definitions are from the Cambridge Dictionary. 
Yes, sometimes life throws things your way and it’s not always your fault as it can be out of your control, but in the midst of this #SpeakLife journey why not ask this question: WHAT DO YOU SAY?

If you was to get a journal; on one side write your daily thoughts and on the other side write down what you have verbally spoken, what would it say? Then reflect, What would this journal look like on a daily basis? This is something that maybe you could try, and then when you visually see what you are thinking and saying, ask yourself whether this is bringing you life or death. What life are you creating, or apart of?

In other examples such as this: Imagine you are a painter and you have been asked to create a masterpiece that speaks of your own life. There is one thing that you have to have in your painting; your words. 
You sit on your stool or at your desk and begin painting, what are the images you paint with the brush from this simple request? What does your canvas look like? How will your masterpiece look like once finished? And it’s this is the same when choosing to #SpeakLife.

Here are some further questions for you to think on:

What LIFE are you speaking over yourself?
What LIFE are you speaking over others?
What LIFE are you speaking over your situations and circumstances?
Are you even speaking LIFE?

Now, what does LIFE look like from this perspective?
It’s important you begin to understand that your heart and mind must be continually checked, filtered and renewed because out of them your mouth will speak (Luke 6:45, Matthew 15:18); truly speak, creating and bringing life or death. 

Yes, it’s that simple. #SpeakLife is easy to understand but it begins with inviting you into a constant process in order for it to be applied to your life: Action. You can begin at any time, the important thing is that you begin

You may ask: Where do you start? I believe its with Prayer. You can even start with the tasks I mentioned above (adjusting them to what works for you but using the same concept to create a good result), or just even looking at your speech throughout the day. Start thinking about what you are saying. Ask yourself questions (what am I saying? Why am I saying this? How is my heart feeling? Etc). The main thing is that you start being more aware of what comes out your mouth than just speaking in general, even if you may need someone to help you that you can truly be yourself with, go for it and ask for their help. There is a necessity to start the process. As the famous saying goes 'Think before you speak'.

I started with this and I’ll end with this… Most times in life we can complicate things and we don’t need to. This theme of #SpeakLife is simply to think about the words you say before you release them. 

So I leave you with this… WHAT ARE YOU SPEAKING – life or death?

By: Stacey Spencer - BFM Writer

(Edited by Faith Dore)

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