"You Are NOT Forgotten"

You Are Not Forgotten by: Israel Houghton
It's easy to walk around with your head held down thinking you are forgotten. 
You long for a great relationship, someone to love you, notice you, a child or just peace of mind, but it seems like everyone else around you is being blessed with all your hearts desires.
Why is this?
Some may say its a test from God, or that its a time to practise patience or your just not ready yet. Whatever may be the reason, please know you are NOT forgotten.

At times we need to take our focus off our situations for a while and just relax in knowing that one day, if not today, everything will work out just fine and be OK.

Sometimes when I find holding unto hope is too hard, I tend to say a simple prayer to God and it goes a little like this...' Father I know you love and care for me, and yes I see others around me being blessed and its great, but Father whatever happens please don't forget me, amen'.

Now in all my heart, I know God has not forgotten about me, even though at times it does feel that way or like I've been waiting on a need for days or yearssssss :) However I must admit, in the midst of feeling this way, I have been learning so much about myself, and I must add; this waiting period in every area has been extraordinary.

So I ask you these questions, What are you doing in the meantime? Are you sharpening your skills for that promotion you want to get? Are you volunteering with kids to learn how to be a great parent? Are you learning how to forgive those who hurt, abandoned you, so you can be healed and move on? 
Whatever it is, know that you should not be so engrossed in your situation that you make yourself be or feel forgotten. There's a big world out there, that is waiting to hear your voice, to see your smile and to shake your hand.  Its time to step out in faith.

No matter what, know you are precious. You may have felt forgotten because you where abandon at a early or late age. You may feel forgotten because you prayed all you can pray for a situation to change, financially,  job wise, or even health wise. But I want you to know God is still faithful. It says in Psalm 37:4 'Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart'.
And if you feel less valuable than what you are, here's another passage for you: Luke 12:7 'And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows.' <-------- Meaning, you  mean a lot to God, more than you can ever imagine, so why would He forget you?

You see the thing is, its easy to quote great words and promises from the Bible or even from well respected people. But unless we believe these promises God has blessed us with, to reassure us that we are valued at a high cost and not forgotten, we will always feel lost, empty or like no one cares.

The reality of it all is that there is someone who does care and that person is Jesus! And if we want to bring it home, there is that friend, that parent/s, that co worker or just that passerby who admires you. Sometimes you may never know, but the point I am trying to make is, firstly come to grips with God cares, period! Secondly realise your worth, despite what people may say or have done or do to you and Thirdly, embrace the love that is shown to you. If you allow yourself to be open to receive Love that was not originally given to you, you'll be surprise the blessings you can receive from others act of love and care for you.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Lets hold our heads up high, knowing we are not just a face in the crowd like Israel Houghton sang above. We don't just blend in the crowd or fit in just to make other people's world come together. No we are more than that, we are individuals with a divine purpose, with a goal to be great, do great and receive great. 
We are a lady of beauty and integrity  a man of leadership and determination. We are GREAT, we are NOT forgotten.

Take a moment to listen to this song and DANCEEEEEE. Guaranteed, you will not be disappointed:
Israel Houghton & New Breed: I Am Not Forgotten...

Keep being Beautiful

Faith Dore

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