"Beauty Through Song"

So I've put together some of my favourite 'Beautiful Songs', Remember if its not said in person, it can be expressed through song. Enjoy whilst you either take time to listen or read the meaningful lyrics.

1) You are so beautiful to me - Joe Cocker   

Such simple words, with such a touching meaning. There is someone out there who feels like this about you. Some have this someone now, and some long for this type of guy who will cherish them and make them feel like they are meant all these simple words…. There is hope, so keep your beauty shining and I believe that someone will come along soon.

2) Beautiful- Christina Aguilera

I remember when this song first came out...truly amazing lyrics with a meaningful message. It really makes you think, and understand that some of us really have difficult times that we face especially with identity. But the hope is that we are all made in a unique way and we should embrace it, no matter what.

3) Just the way you are - Bruno Mars

This is one of my favourite songs...I am not in a relationship at the moment, but one can't help but smile at the thought of your husband singing such simple, but truly beautiful lyrics to you... Bruno expresses it well in this song, from the ladies ‘eyes’ to her ‘smile’. Paying attention to each detail that is beautiful about her. What a nice spin on identifying beauty.

4) What makes you beautiful - One Directions

Gooooo One Direction. Well you can't help but jump around to this song. One Direction has made a hit with this song and it’s so true.. Have you actually read the lyrics? Sometimes listening to a song is one thing, but reading the lyrics is another.
Many of us walk around like we are not all that... But uhhh, if God believes so, since He made us wonderfully, why shouldn't we believe so???

All these videos above and many more, touch on different elements of what true beauty is all about in each one of us, both young and old.  And yes, surprisingly most of them are sang by guys which I think is amazing; as I think we ladies take the hurt of one guy and think all other guys are the same. Which they are not.

Learn to love yourself for who you are, and remain being the beautiful person you truly are inside and outside. Your past has happened. Your hurt may have scarred you, but don’t let it still your beauty, it’s yours to keep, not for others to trample on.

Keep being Beautiful.


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