"Quit feeling offended all the time"

Now when you first saw this title, what was your first reaction… was you already offended?
See, the thing is, sometimes we can be quick to jump down someone’s throat when either they are trying to help, encourage or change our perspective for the better.

Some questions you might want to ask yourself when you get to this point are: Why do I feel this way? How do I feel about the person who has corrected me or is trying to comfort me? What has happened to me prior to this encounter? And finally, I’m I really right in acting this way?

Those who can challenge themselves with these questions above are right on their way to breaking through the barriers of always being offended at every word, sentence, situation or action being made towards them.

As we all know life has its up and downs. Some people intentionally do things to get on our nerves, make us feel worthless; dampen our spirit from feeling great to feeling low. And yes, it gets to that point when you do become defensive and have the attitude of ‘This is not going to happen to me again’. But one important thing to remember is that, not everyone is the same, neither behaves the same. Let's learn to forgive and move on, it might not be easy, but trying always helps.

There are some who rightfully are trying to help, lift us up, and not let us fall into ways that could hurt, destroy or damage our true beauty and life. But at this point we have to be ready to receive this type of constructive, loving criticism and correction.
After all, if it is someone you respect and hold dare to you and are the one correcting or showing you their support, surely one shouldn’t turn that into hatred because the truth is being told or shared? Shake it off. Stop feeling offended, they are only trying to help.

Let’s not get to the place where we push away the genuine relationships we have in our lives because of how someone else had wrongly treated or behaved towards us.

I love how James 1:19 (NLT) puts it: ‘Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.’
Stating, be wise with your reaction and actions. Another person should not be punished, hurt or misunderstood, because you haven’t challenged some of the issues or pain you’re facing in your life. Deal with these issues, defeat all the pains and learn to truly live, take positive corrections, open your heart to love again, and to finally see beautiful relationships blossom like it has never done before.

As I share with you, I apply these facts to myself also.

Keep Being Beautiful.


  1. I totally agree. I have to admit that I am someone who has struggled a lot with receiving correction and find it very easy to take it as rejection. (Joyce Meyer's book Root of Rejection speaks about this- very good book) Once I take offence at someone correcting me I become blind (offence blinds) and instead of looking at where its coming from I miss the point completely. I tend to always jump to the conclusion that its motivated by negative intentions when really it is coming from the heart. I have to say that I am very grateful for the good friends that I have that have the courage to tell me the truth about myself and had it not been for them I would never move forward to step into being the person God has called me to be. Your scripture reference was on point too(James 1:19) that's what God gives me when I take offence!

  2. Thanks for sharing Loveli. Please don't forget we are not all prefect, that's why we look unto God who is.
    At the same time, being able to see your shortcoming and tackling it is great. Good on you sis and may you continue to be strong in this area, fixing your eyes on God to give you peace in everything said or done towards you with wisdom.
    You are not a push over, but an Overcomer.


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