"Happy New Year (2013): The Year of New Beginnings"

In the famous words of Michael Buble: "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me and I'm feeling good."
What does 2013 hold for you? Could it be a new job, career path, relationship, friendships, healing or restoration?
The fact is, we will never really know. It's life, we walk in it and we either choose to embrace it or ignore it. However on the other hand we can have the hope to believe something good will come out of this year and as I have already heard today: 'having a little bit of faith can change things'.

So I guess, it's about time we increase our faith and start feeling good.

We always hear questions being asked about, What the highs and lows of 2012 was? But for me, 2012 has now gone, so, therefore no need to really think about it any more, unless something significant happened (Marriage, Engagement, Birthday, Child's birth, Love Ones, Christmas etc) especially if you have to think of the lows that took place.

It's about time we really moved forward. Take our stand and be determine NOT to look back.This new year is a time to dream again, hope again and believe again. There is no harm in thinking big to achieve big, personally I seek to do this daily with the help of the Lord.

Onwards and Upwards we shall all go. Believe it, receive it and keep hold of it.

Therefore this month BFM will like to give you all this challenge, of dreaming again. To reignite the visions, hopes and ambitions rested on your hearts.

The funny thing about this challenge, you might get people who will try to tell you otherwise, especially in the direction of giving up. But I think, people like that you just don't need around, unless you see them as stepping stones to push you in the direction of accomplishing (fulfilling) your dreams.
Also fear could try to creep in from time to time.  But I say, Why live in stress, worry or anxiety when the Lord has already promised you peace of mind? Just go for it. You can at least try. Take the challenge and be great!
Be reassured that no matter what happens this year be it good or bad (Praying more good for us all), we can walk with the confidence of knowing that we have become better than we where before. We are loved, Priceless, A rare Treasure but most of all forgiven and loved unconditionally.

Keep being Beautiful

Faith Dore

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