"Here, Take My Hand"

"Here, take my hand and let me walk with you."

How often do you hear people say this to you? How often is a hand given to you to reach out for?

The crazy thing about this, is that such a great gesture is always offered through Jesus Christ, but yet still, many refuse to make and take that small action or step to receive it.

Taking the hand of God does not mean, you will be lost, alone, beaten, starved, hurt or caused pain. It means you will NOT be alone, you will be FREE, you will be LOVED, CARED for and most of all FORGIVEN.

At times, we fight the very thing that brings life to our souls. We fight the very opportunity to live again and breathe new air instead of contaminated fuels of life struggles, battles, sickness, hurt or pains.
The sad thing is that we then become the ones who loose out. But through taking the hand that helps, comforts and supports, brings out the beauty of being RESTORED and truly LOVED.
Alongside God's major helping hand we have others (friends, family, love one's, colleagues, children, individuals) who are willing to help walk with us in the crazy journeys of life, to sit through with us when the going gets tough or to cry with us when the pain gets unbearable. But firstly, we need to be willing to accept their hand and NOT push the help we always needed away.

Some of you might be saying: Well Faith, where was God's hand when I needed him through the situation I was facing? My question to you then is: Where was your voice to call upon Him for help? And even if you called, was your ears completely opened when He spoke, or was you too conscience of Him not speaking, that you missed when He actually did?
God is always there, you just need to only BELIEVE.
"The Lord hears His people when they call to Him for help. He rescues them from all their troubles."
"The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
(Psalm 34:17 -18)

The fact of life is that we can always play the 'blame game'. For if we are not blaming others we find the time to blame ourselves and in saying this, what good will that bring us? Nothing, but guilt, shame, unnecessary pressure or pain. <-----These are just not needed and I am pretty sure you can do without.

So, from now on when someone wants to lend you that helping hand, in cooking, drawing, writing, reading, creating, prayer, singing or even just listening. Don't turn away in pride or shame from the help you can receive to uplift and most of all support you.
We all might be guilty of not saying we need help especially when we have dealt with things for so long on our own, I too have had times like this and I am still working on it. But now I have learnt to begin to say yes to those who are willing to genuinely help, yes to those who are willing to listen and yes to those who are willing to provide all the support they can offer.

So, let's be that hand of help, care, love, peace, but most of all that hand of a beautiful exchange of blessings in whatever form it may be. Who knows this could cause a chain reaction. Lets get started.
Keep being Beautiful

Faith Dore

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