"Just let it flow"

TEARS: There is just no need to explain what this is or give a whole description of the meaning of this word. I think it's fair to say we have all experienced a few forms of tears  in our lives, whether good or bad.

Titling my blog, 'Just let it flow' was not to be seen as a 'gimmick', but to be taken into action. The past couple of days has been tough for me and really and truly, there where only certain amount of things I could do physically to shack the reality of situations that was going on. The most I could do was try and let it all out (The frustration, annoyance, uncomfortable feeling) through my tears, which I must admit, I tried to hold back for a while.

Tell me something: Have you ever tried to prevent yourself from crying, to the point where you have squeezed so tightly with all your inner bean to avoid that tear from dropping? Or have you simply just held your head back for a few moments pondering on thoughts, to try & fight the tear from running down your cheeks, almost with pride saying, I am better than this, I am not going to cry about this?

I have done pretty much all those things listed above & let me tell you, it's not a fun feeling, at all. As many of us want to seem strong enough not to let our problem or situations get to us, especially to the point of shedding tears, it just doesn't seem that easy after a while does it?

But the honest fact I needed to face was that the situation or problem at times became too overwhelming for me to bear and I had to let go some how, and to do so was by 'Just letting it flow'.

I believe tears gives a sense of relief for the hurt, pain or disappointment we may feel. It can also be seen as healing or refreshment.
But as much as we can see tears in a 'negative' way, we can also see it in a positive way, meaning: 'Tears of Joy' or 'Tears of overcoming'. These types of tears are the best, I know friends that can laugh so hard that tears of joy realise down their cheeks, how awesome is that?
Whichever type of tears wants to decide to drop down your face, embrace it. It's ok to cry, it's ok to 'Just let it flow'. And no your not a cry baby. Everyone deals with things in their own way, but it shouldn't give others the right to point fingers and make fun of people's struggles <-----If done.  Having supportive friends to share in your tears is truly a treasure and a blessing. And I am truly grateful for my family & genuine friends.

I say,  'claim your refreshment, relief, joy or peace of mind even if it's for that split moment in tears.'

But always remember after you have cried. Let it wake you up into a new day, giving you a clearer preceptive, thought or even feeling. Don't let your negative tears drown you so deep into your struggle or problem, that you can't see your way out. Rather get back up and fight another struggle. Learn to have more tears of joy with laughter than tears of sorrow.

So for those who weep in sadness, see what Gods Words promises you... 'Weeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning' (Psalm 30:5)
And another, reassuring verse:
Jeremiah 31:9 ' Tears of joy will stream down their faces, and I will lead them home with great care. They will walk beside quiet streams and not stumble'. <-----AWESOME!

So be real to yourself, don't feel embarrassed about your tears, just let it flow. And give yourself time to heal, or embrace the joyful moment/times in your life.

Keep being Beautiful

Faith Dore

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