"BFM Book Review: Pink Lips & Empty Hearts by Heather Lindsey"

Right, where do I start.....

I decided to have this book as my November 2013 read of the month. Since I purchased the book from the London, UK, Be Women conference last month which had Heather Lindsey as a guest speaker.

This review will be a general overview of what I learnt from this book and why I recommend this as part of your reading & growing material.

So lets begin:

How does this book make me feel? REFRESHED!
Did it challenge me? YES!
Do I feel less pressured to survive in this world? YES, because I know I am no longer alone!
Does it draw me closer in a relationship with God or further away? Closer, as my ambitions are to be selfless and want the heart of Christ rather than fame and fortune in the wrong mindset. To be able to see my precious worth of integrity and purity through Christ.

The Book:

From Chapters 1 straight through to Chapter 14, Heather Lindsey (HL) speaks integrity. She shows she has nothing to hide, especially if it can help others be a better person, check their lives and come to terms with reality, which in my opinion we try to run away from at times.

Pink Lips and Empty Hearts starts with a graceful, loving introduction from Heather’s beloved Husband Cornelius Lindsey (CL). His words become so powerfully received in such the simple words to introduce this amazing book.

Here is a snippet:

Ma’am, your beauty is not defined by your pink lips. It is not defined by your curves, the texture of your hair, or the clothes you wear. Your Beauty is within. You are, and will always be, as beautiful as your heart is.” - CL

Ladies how encouraging is that?

There are so many other encouraging aspects mentioned in this book, from self worth, having a better perspective, what a real relationship with Christ is really all about ‘Falling face down in spending constant time with God’ “I was totally obsessed with Jesus and I wanted to guard my heart, dating, singleness, marriage, motherhood/ single parents “ ...You are not cursed if you’re a single parent. God desires to use you exactly where you are and He is simply looking for someone who is willing to live for Him” HL, relationships with others, friendship and so on.

I am so glad and grateful that HL decided to write this book.

Have you ever come to a point, where you've read so many books, but your mainly looking for that one book, that speaks to every part of your life from chapter to chapter, providing solutions and at times answers? Well, I know I have and that is exactly what Pink Lips and Empty Heart does, truly it spoke to every part of my life, past, present and future aspirations.

Heather speaks about saying NO to randoms “a person you know that you’ll never marry but you date them to fill a void because you’re lonely or bored” HL , and respecting our selves (bodies) as a precious temple of the Lord.

The chapters that really spoke out to me as cliché as it may sound was each one from 1-14. In addition, I would have to say the Chapters that I took more notes beside as I learnt many things from page to page, I believe was Chapters 6,7,8,9,10 & 11 (Pink Lips, Comparing Game , The joys of being Single/Married, Submission & Boundaries in Relationships)

Does this mean the other chapters where not as good as the others? NO WAY!

The Chapters mentioned above are areas I personally need more work in or answers/clarity too, as there were certain things I didn't completely understand, but now I do.
God has revealed so much to me through this book, about my life internally (my heart) and externally (appearance – integrity), I took this book like a devotional, and aimed on reading a chapter a day whilst praying in the areas I knew God was speaking to me, which either needed changing, breaking, or plain old sorting out and most of all it started with gaining a better perspective.

Chapter 12: Always a Lady was gracefully written. Not only did HL become real with our internal work we need to take care of, but she also emphasises on our outward appearance. She gives you tips, deal advice and website ideas to look great for less costs and how to feel great.
She shows how we should celebrate each other and mostly ourselves for ourselves and for our soon to come husbands or already come husbands. “You should continue to look good not only for your husband but for you!” HL
I like how she gives a bit of a men’s view into this area and how her raw truth and real talk, slaps you in the face (polity..lol) to wake you up to act & live right.
“You cannot slap makeup on top of your ugly attitude and think that you’ll be attractive HL

I can go on and on and on, regarding this book, because that’s how TOTALLY AWESOME it is, but I must stop somewhere and give you all the chance to read it for yourself. So I'll leave you with some of the closing chapter: God's Timing: " I want to challenge you to have joy right now! No matter what season you're in!... Get your eyes off what you think He's (God) supposed to do and ask Him to wreck your heart until it breathes His heart"..You'll be excited about the future because life will no longer be about you, but it will be about Christ alone." HL

Pink Lips & Empty Hearts gets a 5 Star from me. I highly recommend this book to both ladies and Gents. There is just so much to constantly learn, prayer points to make and work to be done.

To purchase this book click here (UK) and here (USA & Canada).

Heather Lindsey Beautiful Faces Ministries salutes you as a great woman of God. We thank God for yours and your families lives. Keep on blessing the World for Jesus.
(Met Heather Lindsey at the Be Women Event in London, UK - October 2013)

God is LOVE and He LOVES you dearly.

Keep Being Beautiful...

By: Faith Dore

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