You have so much more to live for!

Not feeling accepted by anyone let alone your own family can be one of the reasons why you feel you have nothing left to live for.
Your bank statements are always getting high, and you just don't know how to cope any more. Before you know it, your swimming in debt.
You cry out for help, but you feel no-one is there, the stress and pressures of life closes in on you, it grows and grows some more to the point where you feel like the best way to end it all is to take your own life, that's it! all debts are gone, no more worry, no more stress and no more pain.

Is this true? Is this the way out of a stressful life?


There's hope. God promises us that He has come to give us LIFE to the fullest. So let me explain how this all comes together:

When reading my introduction, you might have felt depressed or even could relate to a few things I had said. The heart of this blog came from the announcements I tend to frequently hear at the train (metro) station coming into work.
'Due to a person/passenger under the train there are delays'... Has this become so much of a norm that the tannoys at the train station is like a normal transport, journey announcement? NOT AT ALL. That's someone's life gone. Have heart! To me it hits my heart each time I hear it. The families of that individual, the wife, the husband, the mum, the dad, the children. Oh Lord Help us as the list goes on, how must they really feel?

When someone takes their life or wants to take their life, one of the first thoughts is that no one cared/s. But I am here to tell you. GOD CARES. He cares for you more than you can ever know. Please don't take your life away, there is just so much more to live for. You might not feel accepted by the world but God ACCEPTS you. And as hard as it is to believe, there are others who accept you too, especially despite them having a funny way of showing it.

Take my life for instance, I thought that of my own family. I looked at my parents, my brothers and sister and thought I am not loved here, neither do they care how I feel, what's the point of living, no-one will be bothered if I go. But this was the FACT: They all DID care, my mind was being played on by the devil (enemy) who was tackling my thoughts, my weaknesses and especially all my insecurities.
To ask God to take me home (Heaven) instead of living in a 'cold' world where people where sometime-ish was a crazy request to even think of making but at times, they where made. His word in Deuteronomy 30:19 talks about how He (God) wants us to CHOOSE life so that we can LIVE! So why is it so hard to choose this when we go through struggles, hurts and pain?
It all came down to my state of mind, where were these thoughts coming from and how do I defeat them? At this point that's when I had to decide to leave the mind set of feeling unloved, not cared for, not accepted behind and press on forward to NEW LIFE. A life, that didn't really care 110% about what people thought about me and fix my eyes and heart on those who did. Especially God.
I think in life we can waste our time in worrying about the negative thoughts that people introduce to us through their harsh words, their complicated mind sets and also manipulating relationships. But I believe to overcome these parts of our lives which could be seen on a daily bases, is to notice them and avoid, or take control over them.

We all have so much more to live for, and cannot afford to throw it all away, especially based on other people's thoughts towards us or what the enemy tries to install in us. The Bible teaches us that 'the enemy comes only to steal to kill and destroy' (John 10:10 a) . Let that not be your life he uses to experiment with. 

I always have  and will always love what Joyce Meyer declares when she states: ' I might not have had a good start, but I will have a great finish, or I might not be where I want to be, but thank God I am not where I used to be'.

Friends, we need to get to a point in life where we can be determined to have the mindset that declares exactly what Joyce Meyer says above. The heart that holds unto the hope that says, despite all that we have or is going through, such as: loosing jobs, homes, family, friends, being in debt, abused etc, WE WILL DEFEAT IT ALL and come out shouting and screaming in victorious JOY!

I was reading some of Joel Osteen statements which to me is always encouraging and this is how he puts it: "Reject the defeated mindset. Don't dwell on the past. You can't move ahead to the good if you are always looking back at the bad.
Nothing you face will be too much for you.You will overcome every obstacle, outlast every challenge and come through every difficulity better off than you where before."

So are you ready to do so? Are you ready to LIVE again and kick all negative thoughts aside of not feeling loved or accepted? Or not feeling you can pay that high bills?

Know this: God's got your back

Why don't you start by LOVING yourself. Treat, pamper yourself of all the things you like.
Don't take for granted your talents, your likes, your hopes or dreams. Somewhere deep down inside of you, there are things that you are longing for, maybe its a husband, maybe its a new car, a holiday, writing poems/songs to express yourself, whatever it is, dig deep and express it out. If these things allow you to see how precious your life is then go for it, but be responsible and be safe.

I also always recommend talking things out. I have come from a place where I always held in everything I was going through, despite having people around me that most likely where willing to listen, I became fearful as to whether they where trustworthy or not. I hid my pain and always cried out or screamed within behind closed doors.
Friends, this is NOT a life to live. Over the years of growing, learning and developing, I have learnt that there are people/friends/family who are willing to listen. You will be able to separate the fake ones from the real ones, and you will know by the outcome of your conversation or open heart moment. 
Questions you may ask yourself: Do I leave encouraged, refreshed and able to keep on going or do I feel worst of than I originally felt?

I must say, over time I have learnt to answer such questions and know whom I can open up too. Being lead by God's direction I am truly grateful to my friends and family. They listen and they speak with so much encouragement, no matter how down or out I am feeling and most of all they PRAY! Prayer support is always the key and we at BFM are always willing to open our ears or read your prayer request and help support if and when we can.

So can I pray with you now? I hope the answer is YES! As I would like to help anyone of you through prayer that are going through what I and others are going or went through too.

**Lets Pray**

Dear Heavenly Father,

It's us again.Your daughters, Your Sons.
Father you know us better than we know ourselves and we ask for your help.
There are times when our hearts hurt so much that it feels like no one cares and sometimes its feels like you don't too.
Father, but we thank you, that you do care, despite us not seeing or feeling it always. We thank you that your love for us is so unconditional that nobody can take us away from it.
I ask Father that you heal each and everyone of our hearts where we still feel rejected. Where we still feel we are overwhelmed with the pressures of life.
We also ask for forgiveness where we have made mistakes or even hurt others along the way. We pray that as we seek their forgiveness that you bring peace in their hearts to accept our apologies.
Father you have given us all this life to live, and at times we don't know whether we are coming or going, could you please direct us and show us all how to live this life to the fullest as you have said in your word.

Please take all of our broken pieces. Change, reshape and mould us back into the precious individuals you have called us to be. Please take away all our hurts and pain that we have faced and may we come out of all these struggles and testing times victoriously. I kick to the crib any sign of suicide or negative thought that will try to hinder us from living this life to the fullest and declare and decree right now over each individuals life reading/praying this prayer with me, that we are all SET FREE completely through your precious blood, Jesus Christ.

Please embrace each person now with your precious Love to know that They ARE ACCEPTED, They ARE LOVED, They ARE FORGIVEN, They ARE FREE,  They ARE BLESSED and most of all they are worth so much more than words can ever say.

In Jesus Precious Name I pray. ~AMEN!
Friends, we dare you to have a better perspective on life again. Live this life you are blessed with to the fullest. Don't let your past mistake be introduced to your present let alone future. Be determined to NOT LET depression, stress, worry or anxiety rule or control your life.

You are an AMAZING individual, both female and male, lift your head up HIGH and SHINE!

Keep Being Beautiful
God is Love and He loves You Dearly!

By: Faith Dore

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