''Mistakes has no hold on me''

MISTAKES: We all make them, small or big.

We can beat ourselves up about them and dig a hole deep enough to hide ourselves in or we can choose to not let it get the best of us, defeat it all and make room for improvement by owning up to the mistakes and creating a solution, through apologies, taking up responsibilities in the area you may have slacked this and most of all having peace of mind.

You see the thing is, the enemy only wants to steal (The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.... John 10:10) your peace and make you think that what you have done is so unforgivable, he wants you walking around with your head down, like no one wants to care for you, let alone be around you. But the reality is, there are genuine people who really want to see you grow, improve and develop into the beautiful person that you ought/are to be.

Mistakes can rein our interior as well as our exterior. How? Interior - By damaging our moods, our attitude towards life and others, by completely feeling condemned as if everyone is judging or complaining about you, especially when you didn't intentionally try to make that mistakes, as at times things do happen. Your mind becomes clouded, your perspective becomes distorted, therefore your heart becomes broken and your spirit is taken on a low. You feel guilty.

Exterior - You lack in enthusiasm, you can't be bothered with your hair, clothes, shoes, let alone your words. Your words come out with negative inputs throughout different conversations you have, you look at yourself as worthless, unforgiven and forgotten.
The good news for all of us is that these above things does not have to be apart of our lives any more. 

'The faithful love of the Lord never ends!His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness;his mercies begin afresh each morning.' (Lamentations 3:22-23(NLT)

Yes there are people that may not forget what you may have done, especially those that have been hurt including yourself. But you have to LET GO! To be able to move on and heal, you need to forgive others, but most of all forgive yourself.

If others choose to keep pointing out your mistakes, then sorry to say this, but you will soon find out that you got to break away from those sort of friendship. And if it becomes more personal where its family, then speak to them out of love and explain you understand your wrong doing and are willing to change. The famous saying 'Action speaks louder than words' is so valid right here. Sometimes there is only so much 'sorry' one can use to show someone how genuine you mean it, but if that person is not willing to hear it, you just got to show them, but not be too hard on yourself in doing so.

Sometimes, we can beat ourselves up so badly according to the mistakes we make/made, both past and present. For me, I used to do this same thing especially with my past knowledge of mistake.

For example: I would begin to verbally & mentally say: Why did I go into that relationship when the signs where saying, wrong, wrong and WRONG again. Why did I give something so precious away to what God did not call me too do. Why did I speak or act that way to that person when they where only trying to help me, why did I allow myself to be treated that way, then with that came, your so silly Faith, weak, desperate etc......So with all the why's also came personal abuse. Why on earth do we allow ourselves & others to do these things towards us?????

Ladies and Gents, its time for some more changes to take place in each one of our lives. If we are trying to become the best women or man we want to be, we need to be willing to take correction, face up to our mistakes and not give into them. 

As hard as it may be, lets begin to own up to our wrong doings, ask for forgiveness and start again afresh. Your mistakes does not need to own you neither define you. But the forgiveness, Gods saving GRACE and LOVE that you receive should embrace you and make you feel you can start afresh all over again.

We no longer need to live in condemnation after all that we have faced, We don't blame our actions on others or on the famous saying: 'we are only human', because with mistakes comes chooses. We can choose to either do what is right or do what is wrong and when things just happen
 and turns into a mistake on your behalf, fix it instantly, make up or at least sort out these things such as at work, in a social group, on the phone, in person etc.

Let's start to see mistakes in this way: LEARN FROM IT. Instead of allowing ourselves to be buried with all the wrongs that we have  done non intentionally and intentionally or that which has been done to us, lets see it for what it is (problem, issues, insecurity, fear etc) and deal with it
As mentioned above, lets own up to it. Why not ask God for the right words and timing to say sorry or correct a mistake. And if a mistake cannot be rectified because its in the past, move on forward knowing and having the mindset that you will NOT repeat it again.

We all fall at times, but we WILL GET BACK UP AGAIN.

God is Love and He Loves you ALL dearly.

Keep Being Beautiful

By: Faith Dore

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