"Waiting is not wasteful time"

Waiting on a bus, train, taxi, in the line for food, movies, fiancée, money etc can always seem like a test of our patience.
We strive to keep it all together, but the truth remains, we want then all INSTANTLY!

So I ask, What is with the INSTANT factor in each of our lives? Why does it seem like we would prefer the microwave process instead of the oven cooked way, especially knowing at the back of our mind that the oven cooked process produces a better outcome?

You may have gathered that I am not talking about making food above, but metaphorically speaking its a way of showing us how at times we can view things in life from situation to situations.

Take for example this scenario: Your waiting on a new car, you feel that you can't take the bus, train, let alone walk to where you are going any more. You weigh up all the options as to why having a car right now is the best solution for you, but you miss all the important things throughout the waiting period: Better deals, new sights you wouldn't have seen if you where driving, interaction with amazing people, helping someone who may need a seat on the train because they are pregnant or elderly... (where you know, others wouldn't be bothered) meeting a potential buyer of your product etc.


You finally come to being impatient, you take things into your own hands and buy a car which you believe is great.  This begins to change when you realise,  your car which used to run very well for a few months, is starting to break down, costs go up because you need to pay for repairs, you missed the free £5 gift vouchers at the train station, free electric toothbrushes, sitting next to a musician you always admired and to top it all off, you see a deal for a brand new car at the price you paid for the same car you are now making payments on for repairs.

So, what is the point I am trying to make about the above scenario? 

Waiting in many situations is never wasteful time as Rachel Hickson states. It may seem that way as time goes by, but in the mist of your waiting, you come to realise you don't want to miss out on all the big and especially little things that may or may not relate to what you are waiting for.
But most of all in my experience I believe waiting develops your character.
You begin to realise that you really can have the strength to endure certain things you face, you can enjoy your surroundings despite not having a car or taking the train, you speak to a stranger who you get to know, see interest and then you begin to date etc.

I think it is also fair to say as much as we don't like to always hear the phrase: 'don't worry, everything happens for a reason' to the outcome of what we are waiting on God for. I do still see some truth in it. Like choosing to apply for one job over another, wearing boots instead of shoes (rain comes), or even taking bus instead of trains (avoid delays).
Or lets bring it home: Personally, being made jobless at the end of 2012 really got me to a place of sadness, I felt like I couldn't do anything, let alone go anywhere because I didn't have enough cash to do so. Did I complain, especially to God...uhhhhh YES! Did I complain to friends & family.....Uhhhh YES!

What was my next step: TRUSTING GOD to make a way.

You see, I got to a point where the blame game was too tiring.  I realised everything I went through did have a reason. I became closer to God, found who I truly was (still growing & learning), but most of all, in spite of all the job hunting and sending out all the CV's that I could. I had to get to a point of waiting and resting in Gods arms.
He knew what I was facing, He knew my hearts desires and He knew most of all what I needed. Truly God cared. Was this easy to do, nope! especially when bills come at you from left, right and centre. But its a choice you have to make if you want to move forward in victory, but most of all have a clear/peace of mind.

I believe we can all establish that WAITING can be very long and tiring. But if we where to only take our focus off from what we are waiting for and just enjoy the time we have with the people around us who helps to brighten up our day. I believe less of us will take impatient actions and flip it to a more patience mindset, where we grow to become the best friend, daughter, sister or even wife/companion one can ever wish for. 

As for me now, instead of worry about bills, jobs, career, future etc;  I have decide to refocus my attention on God, positive things and looking towards the many ways of improvement whilst taking up the attitude of enjoying were I am at unto where I am heading. I know I want to be the BEST Wife, Friend, Helpmate I can ever be for my husband to come. So instead of me crying, having headaches or stressing about how my biological clock is ticking or why I am still single. I choose to let God tweak, break, shape and mould me into the amazing joyful women He has me to be for my self and also for my husband to come.

So ladies, my advice: Embrace your time of waiting. Never look upon this time as if God is neglected or  forgotten about your hearts desires. Trust Him to make a way. He promised us in Isaiah 40:31 'But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint'.

So wait patiently my sisters, be strong in the Lord, your time of breakthrough is on its way. And no matter how long it takes to come. Find yourself, enjoy your time and those around you. Keep the hope alive and you will be fine.

Keep Being Beautiful
God is Love and He loves You Dearly!

By: Faith Dore

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